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Wellness Wednesdays with FCHS

Wellness Wednesdays with FCHS.

Wellness on Wednesday webinars with Family & Community Health Sciences will focus on a variety of topics related to food, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles. This series will walk you through the easy steps that you can take to add positive health behaviors into your day. From fitting in more movement to eating more mindfully, now is the time to make some of those small changes that will improve your health in a large way.


Join us on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. to learn from experts in the Department of Family & Community Health Sciences, Rutgers Cooperative Extension. All sessions are free, will last approximately 45 minutes, and will be provided via Zoom. To join, you will need either a computer, tablet, or smartphone with speakers.

You must register to participate. See below for the title and descriptions of each webinar and click on the link below to register.

Missed a session? Webinars will be recorded through Zoom and posted below as they become available.

Upcoming Webinars

  1. October 12: Climate Conundrum: How a Changing Climate Affects Human Nutrition
    Floods, droughts, hurricanes, heatwaves, wildfires. We've seen the effects of a warming climate through destructive weather phenomena, but what exactly does that mean for our nutrition? Will food become less nutritious? How does that affect our health? These questions and more will be explored in this presentation.
    Presenter: Sigrid Solis, BA, FCHS Program Coordinator
  2. October 19: The Calcium Connection
    Although we commonly associate calcium with building strong bones, there are a number of ways calcium supports optimal functioning for a variety of systems that keep our bodies moving. Learn the benefits of getting adequate amounts of calcium from food sources.
    Presenter: Sharese Porter, PhD, MPH, CHES
  3. October 26: What to Eat with Diabetes
    Are you or a loved one diagnosed with diabetes? Are you confused or overwhelmed about what to eat to manage your condition? Join us for a review of the current, science-based recommendations for diabetes meal planning. Common diet myths will be dispelled, and tips for healthy and enjoyable eating will be shared!
    Presenter: Sandra Grenci, MS, RDN, LDN, CDCES & Shailja Mathur M.S.,M.Ed.,RDN
  4. November 2: Give Yourself a Financial Check-Up
    Did you ever wonder how you are doing financially? This presentation will discuss ways that people can assess their financial progress and identify areas of their financial life that need improvement. Topics covered include financial quizzes, income and expense statements, net worth, debt ratios, marginal tax brackets, investment performance metrics, investment risk tolerance, insurance needs, estate planning, and more.
    Presenter: Barbara O'Neill, Ph.D., CFP®, CRPC, AFC®, CFEd, CPFFE
  5. November 9: Avoiding Stress Eating
    Avoiding Stress Eating will help participants become more mindful of their eating habits and discuss ways to avoid the pitfalls of eating when stressed.
    Presenter: Chris Zellers, MPP
  6. November 16: Pre-Diabetes Prevention: Tips to Take Control
    Because type 2 diabetes is a serious chronic health condition, preventing or delaying it will lower your risk for heart disease, stroke, blindness and kidney disease. This presentation will help you to take small, practical steps that will add up to a healthy lifestyle.
    Presenter: Karen Ensle EdD, RDN, FAND, CFCS
  7. November 30: Getting to the Root: Eating Parts of the Plant
    Eating more plant-based foods has many benefits for the body and the environment. Let's explore what a varied plant-based eating plan looks like and take the challenge to learn about the edible parts of a plant.
    Presenter: Sharese Porter, PhD, MPH, CHES
  8. December 7: Getting to the Root: The Wonders of Root Vegetables
    This presentation takes a deeper look at root vegetables. They can form the basis for hearty meals while being low in saturated fat and sugar and their versatility make them a great staple to keep on hand.
    Presenter: Sharese Porter, PhD, MPH, CHES
    Sleep Secret will discuss how sleep benefits us while looking at sleep patterns. It will provide information on what the research tells us about sleep and provide listeners with ways to get better sleep.
    Presenter: Chris Zellers, MPP

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