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Wellness Wednesdays with FCHS

Wellness Wednesdays with FCHS.

Wellness on Wednesday webinars with Family & Community Health Sciences will focus on a variety of topics related to food, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles. This series will walk you through the easy steps that you can take to add positive health behaviors into your day. From fitting in more movement to eating more mindfully, now is the time to make some of those small changes that will improve your health in a large way.


Join us on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. to learn from experts in the Department of Family & Community Health Sciences, Rutgers Cooperative Extension. All sessions are free, will last approximately 45 minutes, and will be provided via Zoom. To join, you will need either a computer, tablet, or smartphone with speakers.

You must register to participate. See below for the title and descriptions of each webinar and click on the link below to register.

Missed a session? Webinars will be recorded through Zoom and posted below as they become available.

Upcoming Webinars

  1. January 26: Build a Better Bagged School Lunch
    Sending your child to school with a bagged lunch is a good way to ensure that your child has foods she or he likes for lunch; it may also save money. However, some parents struggle to find the right balance of convenience and nutrition. The good news is that there are plenty of easy, affordable, and nutritious foods you can prepare at home for your child's lunch. This session will explore those options and offer creative ideas for tasty, healthy, and affordable lunches kids will love.
    Presenter: Luanne Hughes, MS, RDN: Educator and Professor and Joseph Pavlovsky, Dietetics Intern
  2. February 2: Getting the Most Out of Your Grocery Order
    The cost of groceries is getting higher, so how can you make the most of your grocery order? This session includes simple tips to stretch those food costs.
    Presenter: Joanne Kinsey, MS FCHS Educator and Associate Professor
  3. February 9: Step It Up Adding More Movement into your Day
    Step It up will present ways to be More Active with information on the benefits of physical activity, how to add more physical activity into your day and encourage living an active lifestyle.
    Presenter: Christine Zellers, MPP
  4. February 16: The DASH or Mediterranean Diet: Which is Better?
    Healthy Eating helps the body to stay in tip top shape. The differences between the Mediterranean Diet and DASH will be discussed in this webinar along with keeping your immune system strong.
    Presenter: Karen Ensle EdD, RDN, FAND, CFCS FCHDS Educator & Professor
  5. February 23: Ask the Expert: Food Safety Myth vs Truth
    Ever wonder if a food safety practice is really necessary? The 5-second drop, then eat "rule?" Lemon juice for cleaning? Rinsing poultry? Our team of food safety experts will provde answers to these questions and yours. Find out where to get reliable information.
    Presenter: Dr. Donald Schaffner, Speciailst, Food Science; Daryl Minch, FCHS Educator
  6. March 2: Intermittent Fasting: Is it an Effective Weight Loss Strategy?
    Intermittent fasting, the practice of withholding food for specific periods of time, has been used for religious reasons for many centuries. Recently, it has gained popularity as a weight loss strategy, compared to more traditional calorie restriction. This webinar will review the current research on the main types of intermittent fasting for improved metabolic outcomes, as well as its limitations.
    Presenter: Sandra Grenci, MS, RDN, LDN, CDCES FCHS Educator and Associate Professor and Shailja Mathur, MS, RDN; FCHS Educator
  7. March 9: Update on the Power of Prevention
    Join me for a practical look at the link between nutrition, physical activity and cancer prevention including simple yet important ways for you and your family to embrace the power of prevention in your daily life. We will explore the information from an expert global report on cancer prevention and the reasons behind its recommendations.
    Presenter: Sherri Cirignano, MS, RDN, LDN FCHS Educator and Associate Professor
  8. March 16: Ask the Expert: Healthy Eating & Timesaving Tips
    Eating healthy and getting a meal on the table can be a challenge. This session will answer your questions about how to eat healthy at home or on the go; how to save money while shopping; easy cooking methods and shortcuts; equipment that saves time and more. Join Family and Community Health Sciences professionals online for open discussion and links to recipes and resources.
    Presenter: Rachel Tansey, MA Senior FCHS Extension Associate, Karen Ensle EdD, RDN, FAND, CFCS FCHDS Educator and Professor
  9. March 23: What's the Catch NJ Seafood and Healthy Living Part 1
    Seafood is an important part of a healthy diet yet Americans fall short of consuming the recommended amounts. This presentation will encourage participants to find ways to eat more seafood by learning about Dietary Guideline Recommendations for Seafood, Nutrition benefits and seafood package labeling.
    Presenter: Christine Zellers, MPP , Rachel Tansey, MA
  10. March 30: What's the Catch NJ Seafood and Healthy Living Part 2
    Seafood is an important part of a healthy diet yet Americans fall short of consuming the recommended amounts. This presentation will encourage participants to find ways to eat more seafood by learning about selecting, choosing less expensive seafood and preparing seafood.
    Presenter: Christine Zellers, MPP and Joanne Kinsey, MS
  11. April 6: Stress and Health: Finding Ways to Cope
    Chronic stress can lead to fatigue, irritability, and poor health outcomes. This presentation includes tips to help participants reduce their stress in a healthy way.
    Presenter: Colleen Delaney, PhD, RDN
  12. April 20: Eating for Planetary Health and Human Health
    How does what we choose to eat, how we prepare it and what we do to dispose it can have significant impacts both on our health and planetary health. This presentation will discuss the climate impacts of our food choices and what we can do to support healthy eating with smaller climate impacts.
    Presenter: Sara Elnakib, PhD, MPH, RDN
  13. April 27: Picky Eaters and Power Struggles: Learn to Feed Your Family Stress-Free
    Feeling frustrated with feeding your family due to picky eaters, differing tastes or other issues? This workshop will discuss practical ways to make mealtimes easier and happier. Learn how to approach mealtimes in a way that will help your children develop a life-long healthy relationship with food.
    Presenter: Jennifer Shukaitis, MPH
  14. May 4: Living with Food Allergies
    Do you know someone allergic to wheat, peanuts, shellfish, dairy or something else? Food allergies are life threatening! Learn how to manage the challenges of selecting and preparing food, eating out, and coping with emotions.
    Presenter: Daryl Minch, M.Ed. , FCHS Educator & Associate Professor
  15. May 11: To Eat, or Not to Eat?
    We are bombarded with information about so many diets and foods every day. Are you having a tough time dealing with the information overload and ever-changing recommendations about healthy eating? In light of the current trends, this presentation will highlight a variety of healthy eating strategies to prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
    Presenter: Nurgul Fitzgerald, PhD, MS, RDN
  16. May 18: Build a Better Beverage
    When making better lifestyle choices, people commonly rely on eating healthier and exercising more. Making changes to your beverage choices is important as well. Reducing the amount of sugar-sweetened beverages you drink can save anywhere between 200 to 2,000 calories per day. This week's webinar will offer suggestions and guidance on making your beverage choices healthy choices.
    Presenter: Luanne Hughes, MS, RDN: Educator and Professor
  17. May 25: Benefits of Physical Activity for Seniors
    Benefits of Physical Activity for Seniors will reinforce that its never too late to start exercising. Getting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is well worth the effort! This program will talk about creating or adding to an exercise regimen safely for folks of all ages and especially seniors.
    Presenter: Christine Zellers, MPP, FCHS Educator, Assistant Professor

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