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March 27, 2024

How Can We Increase Social Support for Rural Residents Seeking Evidence-Based Treatment for Opioid Use?

Methadone treatment for opioid use disorder is backed by a strong evidence base. It is more likely to result in sustained abstinence and lower risk of overdose death than non-medication approaches. Yet, people who utilize methadone treatment often face stigma and misunderstanding from family, friends, and associates. In turn, social support, a key component of recovery from any substance use disorder, is inhibited. These issues are particularly pervasive in the rural context, in which individuals may hear stigmatizing comments along the lines of, you're not "clean" until you're not taking any medications. In this seminar, I will discuss these issues in depth, leaving attendees with strategies for increasing social support among rural people who engage in evidence-based treatment.

Presenter: Mike Broman, PhD; Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University College of Social Work