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FS1357 Fescue Grasses as Permanent Cover Between Rows of Blueberry 3/27/2024
E265 2024 Commercial Blueberry Pest Control Recommendations for New Jersey (44 pp.) 3/21/2024
E308 2024 Commercial Cranberry Pest Control Recommendations for New Jersey (17 pp.) 3/20/2024
E001 Mid-Atlantic Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations, 2024/2025 (486 pp.) 2/16/2024
FS1356 2024 Vegetable Integrated Pest Management Delivery Program 1/30/2024
FS1355 Reducing Black Bear Damage to Farm Operations 12/21/2023
FS1354 Major Insect Pests of Cranberries in New Jersey 9/6/2023
E002 2023/2024 New Jersey Commercial Tree Fruit Production Guide (303 pp.) 6/14/2023
E374 Emerging Diseases of Hemp in New Jersey 3/1/2023
FS1351 Introduction to Aquaponics Systems 11/2/2022
FS1350 Redroot and Smooth Pigweed Life Cycle Disruptions for Effective Control in Specialty Crops 9/22/2022
FS1348 Hairy Galinsoga Life Cycle Disruptions for Effective Control in No- and Low-Spray Specialty Crops  9/1/2022
FS1347 Large Crabgrass Life Cycle Disruptions for Effective Control in Specialty Crops 8/25/2022
FS1346 Web Soil Survey: A Useful Tool to Understand the Natural Soil Properties of Your Farm Field 8/22/2022
FS1344 Canada Thistle Life Cycle Disruptions for Effective Control in Specialty Crops 7/19/2022
FS1345 School Garden Produce Safety Good Gardening Practices Checklist 7/19/2022
FS1343 Hemp Production for Fiber 6/8/2022
FS1341 Nutsedge Life Cycle Disruptions for Effective Control 5/2/2022
FS1338 Carolina Redroot (Lachnanthes caroliniana) Identification and Control 11/18/2021
FS1330 Monitoring and Management of Pepper Weevil in New Jersey 5/13/2021
E368 Choosing Plants for a Hazelnut Orchard in New Jersey 5/4/2021
E360 Indoor Cultivation Instruction at Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences 5/3/2021
E365 Sulfur Nutrition and Soil Fertility Management for New Jersey Crops 2/4/2021
E363 Active Frost Protection Methods for Your Orchard 7/15/2020
FS358 Important Diseases of Tomatoes Grown in High Tunnels and Greenhouses in New Jersey 5/29/2020
FS1302 Industrial Hemp Production in New Jersey: Frequently Asked Questions 2/5/2020
AGRS-13D Mid-Atlantic Field Crop Weed Management Guide, 2020 (258 pp.) 1/24/2020
FS1315 Best Management Practices for Copper Fungicide Use 1/22/2020
FS1312 Introduction to Industrial Hemp - Basic Production Agronomy 11/6/2019
E359 Think Twice, Plant Once: Does a Tree Fruit Orchard Make Sense for Your Farm? 10/16/2019
GROW1 A Practical Guide for Integrated Weed Management in Mid-Atlantic Grain Crops (143 pp.) 9/1/2019
FS1306 Irrigating Your Orchard – Water Monitoring with a Tensiometer 7/1/2019
E001-F FRAC - Fungicide Resistance Management Guidelines for Vegetable Crops - Mid-Atlantic Region, 2019 (41 pp.) 6/5/2019
E283 Commercial Grape Pest Control Recommendations for New Jersey, 2019 (38 pp.) 4/30/2019
FS1303 Classic and Novel Dessert Apple Varieties for Commercial Orchards in New Jersey 4/11/2019
FS1301 Ultra-Niche Crops Series: Asparagus 3/15/2019
FS1300 Five New Peach and Nectarine Varieties for New Jersey Commercial and Home Orchardists 1/30/2019
FS1299 Ultra-Niche Crops Series: Pick-Your-Own (PYO) Blueberries 10/16/2018
FS1298 Ultra-Niche Crops Series: Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) Production and Marketing in New Jersey 10/11/2018
FS1297 Ultra-Niche Crops Series: Beach Plum 10/10/2018
FS1295 Soil Fertility Recommendations for Producing Grass Hay 7/25/2018
FS1293 Voles in the Orchard 5/24/2018
FS1292 Drip Irrigation Inspection Checklist for Agriculture 5/1/2018
FS1283 Ultra-Niche Crops Series: Basil Postharvest Handling and Food Safety 4/16/2018
FS1289 Ultra-Niche Crops Series: Garlic for Small Commercial Growers 4/11/2018
FS1279 Ultra-Niche Crops Series: Fresh-Market Basil 3/12/2018
FS1282 Downy Mildew in Hop Yards 11/9/2017
FS1278 Silicon Needs of Soils and Crops 10/18/2017
FS1276 New Jersey Commercial Hops Production FAQs 6/23/2017
FS1275 Ultra-Niche Crop Series: Mixed Cut Flowers for Small Farms (5 pp.) 6/20/2017
FS1268 Ultra-Niche Crop Series: Winter Lettuce Postharvest Handling and Food Safety (3 pp.) 4/18/2017
FS1272 Common Insect Pests in Hop Yards 4/7/2017
FS1273 Ultra-Niche Crops Series: Production and Marketing of Habañero Peppers in New Jersey 3/2/2017
FS1267 Ultra-Niche Crops Series: High Tunnel Winter Lettuce (3 pp.) 2/3/2017
FS1266 La mosca de alas manchadas: Una plaga de frutos pequenos in Nueva Jersey (3 pp.) 1/31/2017
FS1264 Hilling-Up to Prevent Winter Injury in Vineyards (3 pp.) 1/11/2017
FS1260 Red Leaves in the Vineyard: Biotic and Abiotic Causes (4 pp.) 10/13/2016
FS1259 Ultra-Niche Crop Series: Plasticulture Strawberries (3 pp.) 9/30/2016
FS1258 Ultra-Niche Crop Series: Plasticulture Strawberries Postharvest Handling & Food Safety (3 pp.) 9/29/2016
FS1256 Incorporating Soil Biology into Soil Health Assessment (4 pp.) 8/26/2016
FS1252 Evaluate Your Wine Grape Planting Material Before Planting (2 pp.) 1/4/2016
FS1247 Spotted Fireworm: A Pest of Cranberry in New Jersey (2 pp.) 11/11/2015
FS1249 Sparganothis Fruitworm: A Pest of Cranberry in New Jersey (3 pp.) 11/11/2015
FS1248 Blunt-Nosed Leafhopper: A Vector of Cranberry False Blossom Disease (2 pp.) 11/11/2015
FS1246 Spotted Wing Drosophila: A Key Pest of Small Fruits in New Jersey (3 pp.) 10/5/2015
FS528 Management of Container Nursery Plant Material During Cold Weather (7 pp.) 2/19/2015
FS893 Evaluating Water Quality for Ornamental Plant Production (5 pp.) 1/30/2015
FS848 Monitoring and Managing Soluble Salts in Ornamental Plant Production (3 pp.) 12/19/2014
FS812 Fundamentals of Container Media Management: Part I (3 pp.) 11/25/2014
FS1229 Plum Curculio: A Key Pest of Blueberries in New Jersey (2 pp.) 3/25/2014
FS1206 Planning to Start a Vineyard in New Jersey (4 pp.) 9/30/2013
FS1203 White-Fleshed Peach Varieties for New Jersey Commercial and Home Orchardists (5 pp.) 3/15/2013
FS1201 Yellow-Fleshed Peach Varieties for New Jersey Commercial and Home Orchardists (9 pp.) 3/15/2013
FS1204 Nectarine Varieties For New Jersey Commercial and Home Orchardists (6 pp.) 3/15/2013
AGRS-97 The Mid-Atlantic Berry Guide for Commercial Growers (273 pp.) 1/1/2013
FS685 Nurseries and Nursery Dealers with Fruit Trees for New Jersey (3 pp.) 12/19/2012
FS1187 Soil Fertility Recommendations for Christmas Trees (6 pp.) 10/24/2012
FS1188 Soil Fertility Recommendations for Small Grains (8 pp.) 10/24/2012
E036 Disease Control Recommendations for Ornamental Crops, 2012 (158 pp.) 6/26/2012
FS1180 Pruning Beach Plums for Fruit Production (2 pp.) 3/30/2012
FS1137 Improving Soil Quality By Increasing Organic Matter Content (3 pp.) 3/26/2012
FS1135 Soil Organic Matter (3 pp.) 3/26/2012
FS1136 Soil Organic Matter Level and Interpretation (3 pp.) 3/26/2012
E334 Insect Control Recommendations for Shade Trees and Commercial Nursery Crops, 2011 (19 pp.) 3/9/2011
FS1112 Ethnic Peppers (Capsicum spp.): Chiles or Chilies (Mexican/Central American) and Ajis (Caribbean) (3 pp.) 1/8/2011
FS721 Zinc - Evaluating Needs of Soils and Crops in New Jersey (4 pp.) 12/16/2010
FS720 Copper: Evaluating Micronutrient Needs of Soils and Crops in New Jersey (3 pp.) 5/31/2010
FS889 High-Tensile Woven Wire Fences for Reducing Wildlife Damage (4 pp.) 3/1/2010
FS1116 Crop Residue as a Potential Bioenergy Resource (4 pp.) 12/18/2009
FS1114 Cranberry Fruitworm: A Pest of Blueberries in New Jersey (2 pp.) 10/26/2009
FS1111 Sponge Gourds or Luffas (2 pp.) 10/22/2009
FS1113 Bok Choys (Chinese Cabbages) (3 pp.) 10/22/2009
FS1087 Cranberry Weevil in Blueberries (2 pp.) 7/17/2009
E323 Soil Fertility Recommendations for Soybean (6 pp.) 7/14/2009
FS873 Boron: Needs of Soils and Crops in New Jersey (4 pp.) 6/16/2009
E321 Soil Fertility Recommendations for Alfalfa (8 pp.) 6/5/2009
FS690 Recommended Planting Dates for Common New Jersey Hay and Grain Crops (2 pp.) 6/1/2009
F-129R Late-season Resue Thinning with Ethephon 5/1/2009
FS1083 Plum Varieties for New Jersey (2 pp.) 6/26/2008
FS1074 Flat Peach Varieties for New Jersey (1 p.) 6/6/2008
FS1084 Cereal Rust Mite on Timothy Hay (1 p.) 6/6/2008
F-133 An Annual Fire Blight Management Program 5/1/2008
E318 New Jersey Sorghum Variety Trial 2006 (2 pp.) 9/14/2007
F-131 Enhancing Return Bloom on Apple with Plant Growth Regulators 6/1/2007
E312 Nutrient Management for Horse Pastures (10 pp.) 5/29/2007
E316 Bramble (Raspberries & Blackberries) Weed Control Recommendations for New Jersey, 2007 (21 pp.) 4/19/2007
F-130 Apple Tree Pruning and Training (English and Spanish) 4/1/2007
E041b New Jersey Soybean Variety Trial Test Results, 2006 (5 pp.) 2/20/2007
FS719 Soil Fertility Test Interpretation - Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium (4 pp.) 10/13/2006
E309 Landscape and Ornamental Plant Stress: Factors, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Management (6 pp.) 4/6/2006
E041a New Jersey Soybean Variety Trial Test Results, 2005 (5 pp.) 4/5/2006
FS086 Sources of Christmas Tree Growing Stock (3 pp.) 2/6/2006
FS1023 Nutrient Management of Land Applied Grass Clippings (2 pp.) 1/23/2006
FS516 Management of Iron in Irrigation Water (4 pp.) 12/1/2005
E303 Nutrients and Nutrient Management for Containerized Nursery Crops (10 pp.) 7/27/2005
E302 Irrigation Management Options for Containerized-Grown Nursery Crops (8 pp.) 7/14/2005
E221 Creating a Master Plan for Greenhouse Operations (8 pp.) 6/2/2005
FS360 Animal Repellents for New Jersey Christmas Tree Growers (4 pp.) 4/22/2005
E299 Pest and Pesticide Management Practices in Nursery Operations (7 pp.) 4/8/2005
FS512 Botrytis Blight in Highbush Blueberry (3 pp.) 2/2/2005
FS519 Pot-In-Pot Nursery Production System: What You Need to Know Before Establishment (4 pp.) 2/1/2005
FS511 Mummy Berry: An Important Disease of Highbush Blueberry (4 pp.) 1/27/2005
FS1020 Sweet Corn Crop Nitrogen Status Evaluation by Stalk Testing (2 pp.) 1/14/2005
FS527 Soybean Aphid (2 pp.) 8/23/2004
FS510 Growing an (2 pp.) 6/28/2004
FS683 Organic Certification of Farms and Farm Products (2 pp.) 6/8/2004
FS632 Correction of Manganese Deficiency in Alfalfa (2 pp.) 4/19/2004
FS174 Plant Nutrient Recommendations for Field Corn (4 pp.) 4/16/2004
FS638 Sticky Board Traps for Greenhouses (2 pp.) 10/28/2003
FS549 Equipment and Laboratories for Soil Nitrate Testing (2 pp.) 10/28/2003
FS014 Nutrient Removal Values for Field and Forage Crops (2 pp.) 10/21/2003
FS760 Presidedress Soil Nitrate Test (PSNT) Recommendations for Sweet Corn (2 pp.) 9/26/2003
E285 Soil Nitrate Testing as a Guide to Nitrogen Management for Vegetable Crops (6 pp.) 8/1/2003
E279 Greensand and Greensand Soils of New Jersey: A Review (39 pp.) 1/1/2003
FS155 Laboratories for Soil Testing and Plant Analysis (2 pp.) 1/1/2003
E277 Evaluating Greenhouse Mechanical Ventilation System Performance - Part 3 of 3 (8 pp.) 12/1/2002
FS1004 Pasture Survey Method to Determine the Need for Overseeding or Renovation (2 pp.) 6/1/2002
E278 Best Management Practices for Irrigating Golf Course Turf (12 pp.) 5/1/2002
FS1005 Best Management Practices for Irrigating Landscape Plant Material (4 pp.) 3/29/2002
FS994 Sudangrass and Sorghum-Sudangrass Hybrids (2 pp.) 2/11/2002
FS640 Greenhouse Screening for Insect Control (2 pp.) 2/1/2002
E275 Principles of Evaluating Greenhouse Aerial Environments: Part 1 of 3 (4 pp.) 2/1/2002
E276 Instruments for Monitoring the Greenhouse Aerial Environment: Part 2 of 3 (12 pp.) 2/1/2002
FS682 Cherry Varieties for New Jersey (4 pp.) 12/1/2001
FS627 Leaf Analysis for Fruit Trees (2 pp.) 12/1/2001
FS987 Integrated Management of Thrips on Greenhouse Ornamentals (4 pp.) 10/1/2001
FS590 Non-Point Source Pollution and Agriculture (2 pp.) 8/10/2001
FS571 The Cider House Rules (4 pp.) 8/1/2001
E197E New Jersey Wheat Variety Trial Test Results, 2001 (6 pp.) 7/24/2001
FS317 Extraction of Blueberry Maggot Larvae from Harvested Blueberry Fruit (4 pp.) 3/22/2001
FS446 Grazing Restrictions for Pasture Herbicides (2 pp.) 3/1/2001
FS386 Aquatic Weed Control (6 pp.) 2/1/2001
FS784 A High-Productivity Annual Strawberry Production System (4 pp.) 1/1/2001
FS973 Manganese: Needs of Soils and Crops in New Jersey (4 pp.) 12/21/2000
FS974 Chloride: Needs of Soils and Crops in New Jersey (2 pp.) 11/1/2000
FS971 Iron: Needs of Soils and Crops in New Jersey (4 pp.) 11/1/2000
FS972 Molybdenum: Needs of Soils and Crops in New Jersey (2 pp.) 11/1/2000
FS319 Turfgrass for Orchard and Nursery Floor Management (4 pp.) 10/1/2000
TFS03 Management Strategies to Reduce Bract Damage of Poinsettia (4 pp.) 4/20/2000
FS029 Insect Parasitic Nematodes for Cranberry Pest Management (2 pp.) 9/1/1999
FS941 Potato Leafhopper Resistant Alfalfa (2 pp.) 5/31/1999
FS939 Container Nursery Weed Control: Bittercress, Groundsel, and Oxalis (4 pp.) 5/4/1999
FS936 Getting Started with an Effective Integrated Pest Management Program (4 pp.) 3/24/1999
FS932 Weed Control Guide for Christmas Trees, Part 1: At Plantation Establishment (4 pp.) 3/3/1999
FS933 Weed Control Guide for Christmas Trees, Part 2: Established Plantation (4 pp.) 3/3/1999
FS935 Feed and Forage Testing Labs (2 pp.) 3/1/1999
FS748 What is IPM? (2 pp.) 3/1/1999
FS927 Phragmites: Occurrence and Management (2 pp.) 12/8/1998
FS824 Plant Nutrients in Municipal Leaves (2 pp.) 11/1/1998
FS121 Herbicide Injury to Trees (2 pp.) 8/27/1998
FS905 Agricultural Liming Materials (4 pp.) 2/27/1998
FS902 Liming New Jersey Soils for Fruit Crops (4 pp.) 2/24/1998
FS903 Liming New Jersey Soils for Field and Forage Crops (4 pp.) 2/24/1998
FS904 Liming New Jersey Soils for Vegetable Crops (4 pp.) 2/24/1998
FS888 Portable Electric Fencing for Preventing Wildlife Damage (2 pp.) 2/1/1998
FS881 Fundamentals of Container Media Management, Part 2, Measuring Physical Properties (2 pp.) 6/1/1997
FS879 Diagnosing Alfalfa Problems in New Jersey (4 pp.) 5/27/1997
FS880 Managing Wireworms in New Jersey's Field Crops (4 pp.) 5/27/1997
FS871 Understanding Fertilizer Labels (2 pp.) 4/1/1997
FS795 Treating Drip Irrigation Systems with Chlorine (4 pp.) 4/1/1997
TFS05 Minimizing Oedema Problems on Ivy Geraniums (2 pp.) 12/1/1996
FS849 Cover Crops and Green Manure Crops: Benefits, Selection, and Use (4 pp.) 5/1/1996
FS847 Using Slow- and Controlled-Release Fertilizers in Container Nursery Crops (4 pp.) 5/1/1996
FS828 Biological Control of Insect Pests of the Greenhouse (4 pp.) 4/1/1996
FS820 On-Farm Leaf Mulching: Getting Started (2 pp.) 3/1/1996
FS821 On-Farm Leaf Mulching: Leaf Application, Incorporation, and Economics (2 pp.) 3/1/1996
FS822 On-Farm Leaf Mulching: Effects on Soils, Crop Yield, and Pests (2 pp.) 3/1/1996
FS816 Fungus Gnats in the Greenhouse (2 pp.) 9/1/1995
FS802 Threshold for Common Field Crop Insect and Weed Pests in New Jersey (4 pp.) 8/1/1995
FS796 Controlling Bacteria, Algae, and Weeds in Irrigation Ponds (2 pp.) 6/1/1995
FS793 Using Irrigation Water Tests to Predict and Prevent Clogging of Drip Irrigation Systems (2 pp.) 6/1/1995
FS794 Preventive Maintenance for Irrigation Equipment (2 pp.) 6/1/1995
E189 A Guide to Early-Season Corn Insect Injury in New Jersey (8 pp.) 5/1/1995
FS657 Irrigation Scheduling with Tensiometers (4 pp.) 3/1/1995
FS666 Blue Alfalfa Aphid in New Jersey (2 pp.) 8/1/1994
FS767 Soil pH Measurement with a Portable Meter (2 pp.) 8/1/1994
FS743 Sustained Damage to Agriculture from Air Pollution (2 pp.) 11/1/1993
FS689 Spring Black Stem (2 pp.) 7/1/1993
FS676 Bindweed Identification and Control (2 pp.) 3/1/1993
FS592 Christmas Tree Management Shearing and Pruning Safely (2 pp.) 2/1/1993
FS665 Northern and Western Corn Rootworm Beetles in New Jersey (2 pp.) 1/1/1993
FS658 Irrigation Scheduling with the Feel Method (3 pp.) 12/1/1992
FS629 A Guide to Herbicide Additives (4 pp.) 4/1/1992