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2024 Commercial Blueberry Pest Control Recommendations for New Jersey

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Welcome to the revised 2024 blueberry spray guide. Please be aware that the recommendations made in this guide are aimed at New Jersey crop production situations and do not always apply to other growing locations. Specifically, registrations and rates may differ. Always refer to the label to identify the legal rates, methods of application, site and target organisms. All spray formulations are presented in amount of formulated product per acre. Apply sprays so that good foliage coverage is achieved without excessive runoff. It is also critical to be confident of your sprayer calibration. Insufficient material delivered to the plant surface results in poor efficacy whereas excess material can lead to phytotoxicity and illegal residues on the harvested fruit. Not all pesticide treatments recommended here are necessary to manage insect and disease problems in every field. Always use local scouting information on insects and diseases in arriving at insecticide and fungicide spray decisions. Always read and follow the label instructions when using pesticides. A new section entitled Pollinator Safety in Blueberries was included this year.
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Thierry Besancon
Peter Oudemans
Gary Pavlis
Dean Polk
Cesar Rodriguez-Saona
Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension
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