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FRAC - Fungicide Resistance Management Guidelines for Vegetable Crops - Mid-Atlantic Region, 2019

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The North American Fungicide Resistance Action Committee is happy to distribute the Mid-Atlantic Region Fungicide Resistance Management Guidelines for Vegetable Crops for 2019. This guide should be used as a supplement to the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations. The purpose of this guide is to promote the importance and understanding of FRAC codes in fungicide resistance management, to prevent the misuse of specific fungicides with a high-risk for resistance development and, to provide the tools and knowledge that allow growers to develop vegetable disease control programs with an emphasis towards fungicide resistance management.
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Andy Wyenandt (Rutgers University)
Margret van Vuuren (Rutgers University)
Discipline Editors:
Entomology: David Owens (University of Delaware)
Horticulture: Elsa Sánchez (Pennsylvania State University)
Pesticide Safety: George Hamilton (Rutgers University)
Pesticide Safety: Patricia Hastings (Rutgers University)
Plant Pathology: Andy Wyenandt (Rutgers University)
Weed Science: Mark VanGessel (University of Delaware)
Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension
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