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Home Food Preservation

Photo: Cauliflower. Photo: Making jam. Photo: Drying mushrooms.

Home Food Preservation is fun! Family and Community Health Sciences (FCHS) wants you to produce safe and great tasting products. Learn more here.

FCHS Food Preservation Webinars

Safety News

Elderberries - Not for canning: Research (2015) found that elderberries are low in acid and may not be safely preserved using standard home-canning directions for fruits or berries. Further, the special steps of weighing all ingredients and adding acid are required even when making elderberry jams and jellies. The National Center for Home Food Preservation is in the process of reviewing and revising recipes/directions for all berries.
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Techniques and Best Practices

Looking for a Class or Speaker?

Contact FCHS in your county RCE County office to explore possibilities.

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FCHS Master Food Preservers (FMFP)

FMFP are passionate about food preservation. FMFP share their knowledge & skill with others by volunteering for Family and Community Health Sciences (FCHS). Email Daryl Minch or Sandra Grenci for information.

Farm Market Promotions

Producing Food Products for Public Sale

Visit the Rutgers Food Innovation Center website.