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Laws of Food Preservation

Canning in Jars

Photo: green beans. Photo: canning jars. Photo: jam in glass jars.
  1. Use fresh, high quality vegetables and fruits.
  2. Use a current, tested recipe from a reliable source to ensure safety and success!
  3. Consult the National Center For Home Food Preservation.
  4. Follow the recipe amounts and directions exactly for safety!
  5. Process all jars as specified in the recipe.

High acid foods: Fruit, tomatoes (with added acid), pickled food, jam, jelly

  • Process in a boiling water bath
  • Add lemon juice or citric acid to all tomato and fig products
    • Add 1 TBSP boiled lemon juice to a pint, or 2 TBSP to a quart

Low acid foods: All vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood and mixtures with these foods

  • Use a pressure canner

Store in a Cool Dark Place and Use Home Canned Foods within 12 to 18 Months