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Home food preservation is fun with tasty results. In order to ensure a safe product and to maximize flavor and texture of the food, always use a scientifically tested recipe. This is essential for canning in glass jars to prevent a life-threatening illness, botulism.

Scientific testing resulted in revision to several home canning processes in 1994. Recipes published prior to 1994, should be compared to a current, reliable resource for safety. Be aware that not all recipes found on the web or in publications are scientifically tested. Unsafe recipes or procedures may result in serious illness or death.

The listed resources are from organizations that validate their information and recipes for safety and accuracy. Cooperative Extension and universities are good sources.


Information, tested recipes, "how to" videos, printable factsheets and more:


More Cooperative Extension Resources


FCHS Home Food Preservation Classes: Contact your local Rutgers Cooperative Extension county office to inquire about classes.

FCHS Master Food Preservers: These trained volunteers work with FCHS to educate the public about safe home food preservation. Contact your local FCHS professional to learn how to become a FMFP.