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ID Title Published
E345 Living with Black Bears in New Jersey (5 pp.) 9/13/2013
E361 Ecology and Management of the Groundhog (Marmota monax) 6/5/2020
E367 Coyotes in New Jersey: History, Ecology, and Management 1/15/2021
FS1010 Birding in the Garden State: How to Get Started (4 pp.) 9/1/2002
FS1011 Landscaping to Create Backyard Bird Habitat (6 pp.) 9/1/2002
FS1017 Regulations Governing the Management of New Jersey Wildlife (4 pp.) 2/1/2003
FS1022 Backyard Birdfeeders (6 pp.) 3/28/2003
FS1202 An Overview of White-Tailed Deer Status and Management in New Jersey 1/24/2013
FS1207 The Facts About Bats in New Jersey 4/30/2013
FS1214 Canada Goose Ecology and Impacts in New Jersey (3 pp.) 10/2/2013
FS1217 Strategies for Resident Canada Goose Control and Management in New Jersey (4 pp.) 10/16/2013
FS1228 Rabies: What You Should Know for Your Pets and Livestock (4 pp.) 2/27/2014
FS1269 Guidance for Siting and Installing Bat Roost Boxes (3 pp.) 2/3/2017
FS1270 Ecological and Economic Importance of Bats in Integrated Pest Management 12/2/2020
FS1281 Lone Star Ticks in New Jersey: Risk, Ecology, and Prevention 2/27/2018
FS1316 Attracting Ruby-throated Hummingbirds to Your Yard 2/12/2020
FS1320 Northern Copperheads in New Jersey 6/10/2020
FS1325 Red Fox Ecology and Behavior 9/16/2020
FS399 Vole Ecology and Management (4 pp.) 3/4/2004