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Guidance for Siting and Installing Bat Roost Boxes

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Installing a bat roost box, or “bat house,” on your property is an easy way to promote local wildlife conservation right in your backyard. However, bats are picky when it comes to finding a new home. This fact sheet provides the necessary guidelines and tips for properly installing a bat house so that you can attract these beneficial animals to your property and enjoy the natural insect pest control services they provide. A single adult bat can eat close to its body weight in insects every night! You’ll also be helping bats to persist in the face of many significant threats, including habitat loss, mortality from wind turbines, and impacts from a fungal disease called White-Nose Syndrome.
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Kathleen Kerwin
Brooke Maslo
Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension
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Bats, wildlife, habitat, conservation, pest management