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Canada Goose Ecology and Impacts in New Jersey

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One of the most widely distributed waterfowl species in the United States is the Canada goose (Branta canadensis). Due to habitat loss and overexploitation in the 19th and early 20th century, the Canada goose population rapidly declined to near extinction. Through regulatory actions, habitat restoration, and species conservation initiatives, the population rapidly recovered and then expanded, with current numbers far exceeding historic estimates. Canada geese are now found in every state throughout the U.S. (except Hawaii) and every province in Canada for at least part of the year. Considered a nuisance by some and a culturally important species by others, resident geese significantly affect both human and ecosystem health. An understanding of Canada goose history, ecology, and behavior will assist decision-makers in the successful management of populations.
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Brooke Maslo
Chloe Lewis
Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension
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wildlife managemment; wildlife damage; ecosystem health; nuisnce species