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ID Title Published
E332 The Economic Importance of New Jersey's Food System: A 2010 Update (6 pp.) 2/7/2011
E355 The Economic Importance of New Jersey's Food System in 2012 (5 pp.) 6/3/2016
E362 Economic Contribution of Agriculture to the New Jersey Economy (11 pp.) 6/1/2020
E366 The Economic Importance of New Jersey’s Food System in 2017 (9 pp.) 11/23/2020
FS1068 Fuel Requirements and Energy Savings Tips for Field Operations (4 pp.) 8/2/2007
FS1099 New Jersey Sales and Use Tax Requirements for Agriculture (2 pp.) 5/1/2009
FS1145 Agritourism - Keeping Passengers Safe on Hayrides (3 pp.) 2/14/2001
FS1174 Community Supported Agriculture: A Farmer's Overview (3 pp.) 2/27/2012
FS1230 Worker Health and Hygiene (3 pp.) 3/26/2014
FS1230CH Worker Health and Hygiene (in Chinese) (3 pp.) 10/18/2017
FS1230CR Worker Health and Hygiene (in Haitian Creole) (3 pp.) 12/18/2017
FS1230KH Worker Health and Hygiene (in Khmer) (3 pp.) 12/18/2017
FS1230KR Worker Health and Hygiene (in Korean) (3 pp.) 12/18/2017
FS1230SP Salud e higiene del trabajador (3 pp.) 12/18/2017
FS1253 New Jersey's Right to Farm Act - What It Is and How It Works (5 pp.) 4/7/2016
FS1254 New Jersey's Agricultural Mediation Program (4 pp.) 7/6/2016
FS1310 The Public and Their Animals: Regulations and Risks to Your Direct Market Farm 8/5/2019
FS1342 Site Selection Considerations for New and Expanding Farms 6/1/2022
FS765 The Greenhouse Nursery and Sod Sector in New Jersey (2 pp.) 7/1/1994