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Vegetable and Herb Crops Fact Sheets & Bulletins

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ID Title Published
E001 Mid-Atlantic Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations, 2024/2025 (486 pp.) 2/16/2024
E001-F FRAC - Fungicide Resistance Management Guidelines for Vegetable Crops - Mid-Atlantic Region, 2019 (41 pp.) 6/5/2019
FS1020 Sweet Corn Crop Nitrogen Status Evaluation by Stalk Testing (2 pp.) 1/14/2005
FS1111 Sponge Gourds or Luffas (2 pp.) 10/22/2009
FS1112 Ethnic Peppers (Capsicum spp.): Chiles or Chilies (Mexican/Central American) and Ajis (Caribbean) (3 pp.) 1/8/2011
FS1113 Bok Choys (Chinese Cabbages) (3 pp.) 10/22/2009
FS1267 Ultra-Niche Crops Series: High Tunnel Winter Lettuce (3 pp.) 2/3/2017
FS1268 Ultra-Niche Crop Series: Winter Lettuce Postharvest Handling and Food Safety (3 pp.) 4/18/2017
FS1273 Ultra-Niche Crops Series: Production and Marketing of Habañero Peppers in New Jersey 3/2/2017
FS1283 Ultra-Niche Crops Series: Basil Postharvest Handling and Food Safety 4/16/2018
FS1289 Ultra-Niche Crops Series: Garlic for Small Commercial Growers 4/11/2018
FS1298 Ultra-Niche Crops Series: Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) Production and Marketing in New Jersey 10/11/2018
FS1301 Ultra-Niche Crops Series: Asparagus 3/15/2019
FS1345 School Garden Produce Safety Good Gardening Practices Checklist 7/19/2022
FS1347 Large Crabgrass Life Cycle Disruptions for Effective Control in Specialty Crops 8/25/2022
FS1348 Hairy Galinsoga Life Cycle Disruptions for Effective Control in No- and Low-Spray Specialty Crops  9/1/2022
FS1350 Redroot and Smooth Pigweed Life Cycle Disruptions for Effective Control in Specialty Crops 9/22/2022
FS665 Northern and Western Corn Rootworm Beetles in New Jersey (2 pp.) 1/1/1993
FS760 Presidedress Soil Nitrate Test (PSNT) Recommendations for Sweet Corn (2 pp.) 9/26/2003
FS904 Liming New Jersey Soils for Vegetable Crops (4 pp.) 2/24/1998