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ID Title Published
E284 Using Experimental Designs for Program Evaluation (8 pp.) 10/17/2003
FS1211 Learning Through the Garden (4 pp.) 8/22/2013
FS1250 Guidance for Directors and Leaders of Agricultural Organizations in New Jersey (3 pp.) 11/11/2015
FS1284 Developmental Disabilities Series: Overview of Developmental Disabilities 4/25/2018
FS1285 Developmental Disabilities Series: Disabilities and Learning 4/25/2018
FS1286 Developmental Disabilities Series: Understanding and Managing Behavior 4/25/2018
FS1287 Developmental Disabilities Series: Visual Supports 4/25/2018
FS1288 Developmental Disabilities Series: Disabilities Laws and Program Accommodations and Modifications 4/25/2018
FS1333 Engaging Individuals with Developmental Disabilities in Virtual Programming 7/6/2021
FS869 Measuring Impact of Educational Programs (4 pp.) 3/1/2002
FS890 The Rutgers Cooperative Extension Process for Curriculum Development and Acquisition for 4-H/Youth Audiences (2 pp.) 8/20/2004
FS891 The Learn-By-Doing Approach to Life Skill Development (2 pp.) 11/1/2001
FS892 Enliven Teaching and Learning with a Variety of Instructional Methods (4 pp.) 2/1/1998
FS943 Choosing Appropriate Research Methods to Evaluate Educational Programs (4 pp.) 10/13/2003
FS995 A Step-By-Step Guide to Developing Effective Questionnaires and Survey Procedures for Program Evaluation & Research (6 pp.) 2/1/2002
FS996 Choosing a Data Collection Method for Survey Research (2 pp.) 2/1/2002
FS997 Maximizing Response Rate and Controlling Nonresponse Error in Survey Research (2 pp.) 2/1/2002
FS998 Compliance with Regulations for Protection of Human Research Subjects in Program Evaluation and Research (4 pp.) 8/21/2003