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ID Title Published
4H04 4-H Club Meeting Report (2 pp.) 4/1/2004
4H103 New Jersey 4-H Event Release/Agreement Form for Adults (2 pp.) 1/24/2013
4H104 4-H Event Permission Form for Youth (2 pp.) 1/24/2013
4H205 New Jersey 4-H Group Enrollment Form (2 pp.) 3/31/2004
4H206 New Jersey 4-H Honor Club Criteria and Application (2 pp.) 5/29/2007
4H221 Evaluating Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks (1 p.) 3/31/2003
4H222 How to Judge Public Presentations (1 p.) 3/31/2003
4H223 Public Presentations Information Sheet (1 p.) 3/31/2003
4H232 New Jersey 4-H Independent Project Application (2 pp.) 10/16/1997
4H233 Judge's Score Sheet for Demonstrations & Illustrated Talks (2 pp.) 4/26/2006
4H234 Judge's Score Sheet for Formal Speeches (2 pp.) 4/26/2006
4H235 Judge's Score Sheet for Performing Arts (2 pp.) 4/26/2006
4H239 My 4-H Record Book: A General-Purpose Record Book (16 pp.) 9/24/2003
4H241 My 4-H Rabbit, Cavy and Small Animal Project Record Book (24 pp.) 9/1/2002
4H242 My 4-H Dog Care and Training Project Record Book (28 pp.) 10/1/2002
4H243 My 4-H Herpetology Project Record Book (24 pp.) 10/1/2002
4H244 My 4-H Model Horse Project Record Book (26 pp.) 10/1/2002
4H245 My 4-H Goat Project Record Book (29 pp.) 11/19/2004
4h245e My 4-H Goat Project E-Record Book (31 pp.) 7/5/2011
4H246 My 4-H Sheep Project Record Book (30 pp.) 8/5/2004
4H252 My 4-H Dairy Project Record Book (Trial Version 2002-2004) (28 pp.) 9/1/2002
4H253 New Jersey 4-H Market Lamb Project Handbook (14 pp.) 12/1/2002
4H254 4-H Advisory Groups: The Basics (2 pp.) 2/11/2004
4H255 4-H Advisory Group Position Descriptions (2 pp.) 2/11/2004
4H256 Engaging Youth in 4-H Advisory Groups (2 pp.) 2/11/2004
4H257 Effective 4-H Advisory Groups...A Checklist for Success (2 pp.) 2/11/2004
4H258 4-H Advisory Committee & Volunteer Roles in 4-H Curriculum Development (2 pp.) 10/10/2003
4H259 New Jersey 4-H Club Treasurer (36 pp.) 10/1/2017
4H260 Family Memory Book (17 pp.) 7/1/2003
4H261 Family Memory Book User (4 pp.) 7/1/2003
4H262 My 4-H Clothing & Textiles Project Record Book (24 pp.) 9/24/2003
4H263 My 4-H Bird & Poultry Project Record Book (Trial Version) (34 pp.) 9/24/2003
4H264 My 4-H Swine Project Record Book (28 pp.) 9/28/2004
4H266 NJ 4-H Club Secretary's Book (12 pp.) 1/1/2009
4H267 My 4-H Seeing Eye Puppy Project Record Book (2008 Trial Version) (16 pp.) 5/12/2008
4H268 My 4-H Food and Nutrition Project Record Book (33 pp.) 1/1/2009
4H269 New Jersey 4-H Teen Leadership Project (12 pp.) 1/1/2009
4H270 Cloverbud Activity Guide (88 pp.) 6/1/2013
4H52 My 4-H Horse Project Record Book (38 pp.) 9/24/2003
4H52E My 4-H Horse Project E-Record Book 1/27/2009
BU-07914 Science Discovery Series: Leader Lesson Guide, Volume 1 (71 pp.) 7/1/1998
BU-07915 Science Discovery Series: Leader-Teacher Lesson Guide, Volume 2 (202 pp.) 4/23/2001
E148 New Jersey 4-H Leader Training Series - Fourth Edition (189 pp.) 1/29/2010
E223 NJ 4-H Serie de Entrenamiento Para Lideres (44 pp.) 10/1/1998
E304 Family Camp (70 pp.) 8/17/2005
E320 Fundamental Finance for Farmstands (39 pp.) 7/11/2008
FS003 Gardening Activities for Youth (4 pp.) 9/30/2004
FS037 Recruiting Volunteers from Diverse Communities: Motivational Factors (2 pp.) 1/22/2004
FS076 4-H and Schools Working Together in Science Education (2 pp.) 7/1/2003
FS524 Professional Boundaries with At-Risk Audiences (4 pp.) 7/16/2004
FS576 Welcome to 4-H! A Guide for New 4-H Club Members and Their Parents (4 pp.) 9/17/2003
FS577 Answers to Questions You Want to Know About 4-H (2 pp.) 9/1/2003
FS865 New Jersey 4-H Program Overview (2 pp.) 3/1/1997
FS872 New Jersey 4-H Independent Project (4 pp.) 10/16/1997
FS928 Bienvenidos a 4-H! Una Guia para los Miembros Nuevos del Club de 4-H y sus Padres (4 pp.) 9/19/2003
FS929 Respuestas a Preguntas que tiene sobre 4-H (2 pp.) 9/19/2003