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Why Do I Need a Farm Map? How to Prepare a Usable Map for Your Farm

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Many landowners are looking to improve their farms or are interested in maximizing their land's potential. This requires careful planning and one of the first things a farmer should do is develop a useful map of their land. A farm map will identify 1.) areas on the farm that are vulnerable to water contamination (sensitive areas such as streams, wetlands, waterways, or any other place where water coming from the livestock operation or barnyard comes into contact with clean water), and 2.) practices that may contribute to water pollution (such as not having a proper manure storage or spreading manure too close to a stream or wetland). This base map of the farm should show all farm fields, the farmstead and barnyard area, related use areas, and areas such as wetlands and forested land.
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Michael Westendorf
Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension
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farm maps, livestock, animal agriculture