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Workforce Wellness

Workforce Wellness responds to the needs of local, county, and small business to deliver evidence-based information to empower employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The health and wellness of employees has a direct effect on employers and their business. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce and is vital to a healthy community.

Employer Resources

FCHS offers flexible program delivery options:

Program can be customized to your needs.

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Employee Resources

Is your goal to live longer, healthier lives by:

Do you want to:

Improve your skills to:

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Workplace Wellness Committees

As a Workplace Wellness Committee, you are dedicated to policy, systems, and environmental changes in your work place to make healthy eating and physical activity the norm among the employees.

Here you can learn about other wellness committees and how they have met their challenges and share your experience with making a healthy workplace the norm.

Topics include:

Webinars, fact sheets, toolkits and videos your committee can use to help implement a healthy workplace.

Wellness Resources

Learn about all the great resources we have available for your team to get started.

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