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Read Our 2023 Annual Report (6.6k PDF)

Scholarly Leadership

40 Presentations

9 Journal Articles

Rutgers–New Brunswick will develop scholarly leadership of intellectual communities that bolster diversity of inquiry in STEM and our commitment to serve the public good.

Innovative Research

$3,712,455 Departmental Grant Money

Rutgers–New Brunswick will focus its research expertise to solve grand challenges in our community, state, country, and the world–enhancing the impact of our research and scholarship across all areas of inquiry to reflect our commitment to the public good.

Student Success

62 Number of Students

7 School Affiliations

Rutgers–New Brunswick ensures the success of its students through steadfast support for student belonging, well-being and preparedness to learn and work in diverse communities across disciplinary differences to contribute to the greater public good.

Community Engagement

55,007 Participant Reach

Rutgers–New Brunswick values strong relationships with its community and leverages interdisciplinary approaches and community-engaged pedagogy to strengthening civic partnerships, foster public scholarship and engage its members in community-based initiatives.

Current Focus Areas

Chronic Disease

Cancer Prevention

Chronic Disease Self-Management

Diabetes Education

Chronic Disease – Other

Community Food Systems

Food Policy Councils

Food Waste Reduction

Healthy Food Access

Community Food Systems – Other

Food Literacy

Cooking Skills

Food Safety

Master Food Preservers

Food Literacy – Other

School Nutrition

In-Class/After-School Education

School Nutrition Policy

Teachers Institute

School Nutrition – Other


Healthy Eating


Physical Activity

Workplace Wellness

Wellness – Other