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Top 5 Things You Need to Know...

To Use Animals at NJAES or SEBS
  1. All vertebrate animals used in research, teaching and demonstration MUST be included in an approved Animal Use Protocol Form on file with the University Animal Care and Facilities Committee (ACFC). The Animal Protocol Submission Process is described on the Office of Reseach and Sponsored Programs website. Only faculty (tenure track, non-tenure track and adjunct professors) are permitted to submit Animal Use Protocol Forms. Faculty with approved protocols are considered the principal investigators of the projects and are ultimately responsible for the proper conduct of research, teaching and demonstration procedures approved by the ACFC.
  2. Any changes in the procedures or numbers of animals MUST be submitted as an amendment and approved by the ACFC before the (amendment) work can be conducted.
  3. All individuals who come in contact with animals, whether animal care staff, students, faculty, or research support personnel MUST participate in the University Occupational Health Program. The Director of Occupational Health MUST clear individuals before entering the animals facilities. One of the most serious issues of Occupational Health includes assessment for allergies, which may develop while working with animals. See information on ALLERGIES. Individuals are encouraged to submit a targeted, confidential medical history questionnaire as soon as possible so as not to delay work following approval of the animal use protocol.
  4. All individuals who come in contact with animals or are required to enter animal facilities, whether animal care staff, students, faculty, or research support personnel MUST complete the Animal Care and Use Orientation Seminar before working with animals. Individuals should be aware of the various laws, regulations and guidelines that affect animal use at NJAES or SEBS.
  5. Individuals should know who to contact for questions about: