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Mail Order Vegetable Seed Sources for the New Jersey Gardener

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Below is a list of companies which sell vegetable seeds by mail order. Not all seed companies are listed. This information appears with the understanding that no endorsement or discrimination by Rutgers Cooperative Extension is implied or intended. In addition, Rutgers Cooperative Extension does not warrant the performance of the crop, nor do we attest to the business practices of these companies. For a listing of recommended vegetable varieties see FS681 Varieties for New Jersey Home Vegetable Gardens. Gardeners should purchase fresh seed whenever possible to increase germination and plant vigor. Any remaining seed should be placed in a cool, dry place to maintain seed viability for use the following year.
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Wesley Kline
Michelle Infante-Casella
Mary Cummings
Peter Nitzsche
William Sciarappa
Mel Henninger
Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension
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