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Fees (per Sample)


The Rutgers Plant Diagnostic Laboratory will be closed Monday-Friday, April 3-7, 2023.

Please plan your shipments and drop-offs accordingly so that samples are received either the previous week or after the lab is open again on Monday April 10, 2023.

Standard Sample (most samples except fine turf)
$50.00 in-state
$100.00 out-of-state
Fine and Sports Turf
$100.00 disease/insect diagnosis
$150.00 disease/insect diagnosis plus nematode assay*
$120.00 disease/insect diagnosis
$200.00 disease/insect diagnosis plus nematode assay*
  *Combination price applies only to samples from the same green, field, etc.
Nematode Assay
$50.00 in-state (except fine turf)*
$75.00 in-state fine turf*
$100.00 out-of-state*
  *Call ahead to discuss volume discounts for multiple samples.
Fungus and Mold Identification
$50.00 in-state microscope identification
$100.00 out-of-state microscope identification
Insect Identification
$50.00 in-state
$100.00 out-of-state
Plant and Weed Identification
$50.00 in-state
$100.00 out-of-state
Special Tests and Services*

*Please call ahead to discuss available tests, fees, and specifics.

Other services negotiable. Contracts and volume discounts available. Fees are subject to change without notice.