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Research Papers and Reports:

Organic turf

Examination of a new iron-based herbicide for broadleaf weed management, 2012. David Chinery, Chuck Schmitt, Walt Nelson, Jenny Kao-Kniffin. Cornell University Report

Kentucky Bluegrass Responses to Mowing Practice and Nitrogen Fertility Management. Heckman, J.R., H. Liu, W.J. Hill, M. DeMillia, and W.L. Anastasia, Journal of Sustainable Agriculture.15:25-33. 2000.

Organic Management Practices on Athletic Fields: Part 1. The Effects on Color, Quality, Cover, and Weed Populations  Author(s): Miller, Nathaniel A.; Henderson, Jason J.  Source: CROP SCIENCE  Volume: 52   Issue: 2 p. 890-903. March, 2012

Organic Management Practices on Athletic Fields. Part 2: The Effects on Playing Surface Characteristics and Soil Physical Properties

Author(s): Miller, Nathaniel A.; Henderson, Jason J.
Source: CROP SCIENCE  Volume: 53   Issue: 2   Pages: 637-646  Published: MAR 2013

Organic Management Practices on Athletic Fields: Part 1. The Effects on Color, Quality, Cover, and Weed Populations
Author(s): Miller, Nathaniel A.; Henderson, Jason J.
Source: CROP SCIENCE  Volume: 52   Issue: 2   Pages: 890-903   DOI: Published: MAR-APR 2012

Plant diseases
Compost and Compost Tea: Principles and prospects as substrates and soil borne disease management strategies in soil-less vegetable production
Author (s): C. C.G. St. Martin a & R. A.I. Brathwaite, Source: Biological Agriculture & Horticulture: An International Journal for Sustainable Production Systems. Volume 28, Issue 1, 2012.

Effect of Compost Particle Size on Suppression of Plant Diseases
Author(s): Lozano, Jose; Blok, Wim J.; Termorshuizen, Aad J.
Source: ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE  Volume: 26   Issue: 3   Pages: 601-607  Published: MAR 2009

Microbial strategies for the biological control of turfgrass diseases
Author(s): Nelson, EB; Craft, CM
Book Editor(s): Clark, JM; Kenna, MP
Source: FATE AND MANAGEMENT OF TURFGRASS CHEMICALS  Book Series: ACS SYMPOSIUM SERIES Volume: 743   Pages: 342-352   Published: 2000

Soil amendments

Effectiveness of biosolids in enhancing soil microbial populations and N mineralization in golf course putting greens
Author(s): Tian, G.; Granato, T. C.; Dinelli, F. D.; et al.
Source: APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY  Volume: 40   Issue: 2   Pages: 381-386  Published: OCT 2008

Use of wastewater and compost extracts as nutrient sources for growing nursery and turfgrass species
Author(s): Michitsch, Robert C.; Chong, Calvin; Holbein, Bruce E.; et al.
Source: JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY  Volume: 36   Issue: 4   Pages: 1031-1041,  Published: JUL-AUG 2007

Effect of organic fertilizers derived dissolved organic matter on pesticide sorption and leaching
Author(s): Li, K; Xing, BS; Torello, WA
Source: ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION  Volume: 134   Issue: 2   Pages: 187-194,  Published: MAR 2005

Kentucky bluegrass response to use of aquatic plants as a soil amendment
Author(s): Fortuna, A; Rieke, PE; Jacobs, LW; et al.
Source: HORTSCIENCE  Volume: 40   Issue: 1   Pages: 237-241   Published: FEB 2005

Use of vermicomposted waste materials as a turfgrass fertilizer
Author(s): Gardner, DS
Source: HORTTECHNOLOGY  Volume: 14   Issue: 3   Pages: 372-375 Published: JUL-SEP 2004

Soil amendments and fertilizer source effects on creeping bentgrass establishment, soil microbial activity, thatch, and disease
Author(s): Kaminski, JE; Dernoeden, PH; Bigelow, CA
Source: HORTSCIENCE  Volume: 39   Issue: 3   Pages: 620-626   Published: JUN 2004

Paper sludge amendments for turfgrass
Author(s): Norrie, J; Gosselin, A
Source: HORTSCIENCE  Volume: 31   Issue: 6   Pages: 957-960   Published: OCT 1996

Microbial Populations and Suppression of Dollar Spot Disease in Creeping Bentgrass with Inorganic and Organic Amendments.
Author(s): Liu, LX; Hsiang, T; Carey, K; et al.
Source: PLANT DISEASE  Volume: 79   Issue: 2   Pages: 144-147   Published: FEB 1995

Quantifying nitrogen leaching from an organic herbicide (corn gluten meal), 2012. Jenny Kao-Kniffin, Marty Petrovic, Cornell University report

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