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Beginning Farmer Business Planning


Is it time to pick your farm business plan back up and finish it?

We all know that failing to plan is planning to fail. With this new resource you will be confident in your ability to complete your farm business plan and look to the future.

The Ultra-Niche Crops: Creating a Business Plan certificate course will walk you through each component of a business plan and provide you with additional resources to answer your challenging questions. This 30-minute course gives you the opportunity to earn a certificate of completion which may be used for educational requirements in some farm loans.

Create your eXtension login and begin taking the course today to start planning for success!

If you'd like to view the videos without receiving a completion certificate they are listed individually below.

Fact Sheets


Rutgers Cooperative Extension provides simple, straightforward business plan videos, that provide insight and education in developing an agricultural business plan for your farming enterprise.

  1. Why Farms Need an Online Presence »

    With today's internet savvy customers, having an online presence is essential.

  2. Goals and Objectives »

    Clearly define what the business is aiming to accomplish by writing out your goals and objectives.

  3. Mission Statement »

    Why should someone choose your business? Write a mission statement to use as a tool to attract customers to your business.

  4. Executive Summary »

    Show investors that your farm business concept is unique and possible and get that funding.

  5. Tips »

    Learn some simple and effective ways to improve your online presence.

  6. Marketing Plan »

    Develop a detailed plan that describes your products, how and when you will market them and to whom.

  7. Management & Organizational Plan »

    Use this plan to describe who manages your farm and employee positions and how they contribute to the success of your farm.

  8. Financial Plan »

    Illustrate your ability to be profitable and repay your investor.

  9. Ownership Structure »

    Learn about the different types of ownership and legal structures for your business.

  10. Productions and Operations »

    Use this plan to help you decide what to grow and how to grow it.

  11. SWOT Analysis »

    Reduce your risk by completing a SWOT analysis of your business.

  12. Cost Accounting »

    Learn how to calculate profit for your business.

  13. Business Description »

    Learn how to write a business description for your farm enterprise.