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ID Title Published
E259 Deer and Elk Farming (6 pp.) 12/1/2000
E291 Feeding Nitrate-Containing Forages (6 pp.) 6/24/2004
E306 Manure Sampling & Analysis (6 pp.) 2/14/2006
E347 Livestock Mortality and Butcher Waste Composting: Rutgers Recommended Practices (7 pp.) 2/1/2015
E351 Farm Animal Dentition - What Teeth Can Tell You (8 pp.) 11/15/2017
E353 Recommended Guidelines for Domestic Livestock in Residential Areas 9/22/2020
E364 Soil Fertility Recommendations for Pastures 8/14/2020
FS016 Feeding Food Wastes to Swine (4 pp.) 12/8/2003
FS1047 New Jersey Livestock Farmer Survey: Is My Farm Environmentally Friendly? (3 pp.) 12/4/2013
FS1064 Nutrient Management on Livestock Farms: Tips for Feeding 9/12/2013
FS1183 Common Mites of Your Rabbit and Small Animal Part I: Fur Mites (2 pp.) 5/30/2013
FS1184 Common Mites of Your Rabbit and Small Animal Part II: Cavy Lice (2 pp.) 5/30/2013
FS1185 Common Mites of Your Rabbit and Small Animal Part III: Ear Mites and Canker (2 pp.) 5/30/2013
FS1189 Why Do I Need a Farm Map? How to Prepare a Usable Map for Your Farm 9/12/2013
FS1191 Can Animal Feeding Practices Influence Nutrient Runoff? 1/23/2014
FS1194 New Jersey Livestock Drought Management Plan 9/12/2013
FS753 Animal Rights versus Animal Welfare (3 pp.) 7/13/2010
FS818 Quality Assurance in the Animal Industries: Critical to Your Survival (4 pp.) 8/1/1995
FS886 Ostrich, Emu, and Rhea Production (4 pp.) 10/29/1997
FS917 Llamas and Alpacas (4 pp.) 7/14/1998