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CPA008B Pesticide Applicator Training Manual: Category 8B - Mosquito Pest Control (34 pp.) 1/1/2010
FS1125 Protecting Yourself from Mosquito Bites (3 pp.) 5/27/2010
FS1175 Rain Gardens and Mosquitoes 2/16/2012
FS1240 Rain Barrels and Mosquitoes (4 pp.) 11/11/2014
FS736 Why Mosquitoes Cannot Transmit AIDS (2 pp.) 9/1/1993
FS780 Controlling Mosquitoes Around the Home (2 pp.) 10/1/1994
FS845 The Asian Tiger Mosquito in New Jersey (2 pp.) 4/1/1996
FS867 Products and Promotions That Have Limited Value for Mosquito Control (2 pp.) 12/1/1996
FS900 Frequently Asked Questions About Mosquitoes (2 pp.) 2/1/1998

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