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COVID-19 Resources

Photo: precision ag demo. Photo: Weed Science demonstration. Photo: working in field.

Our faculty, staff and volunteers continue to work to provide you with access to factual information, science-based resources, and the breadth of expertise that exists at your state university. This website is a launching point for a wide range of resources to help address issues presented by the COVID-19 public health emergency, from sanitation to personal wellness and nutrition to at home educational resources for children.

Laura Lawson
Executive Director
New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

General Resources

  1. Rutgers University COVID-19 Information
  2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  3. New Jersey Department of Agriculture
  4. New Jersey Department of Health
  5. New Jersey Farm Bureau

Commercial Agriculture

  1. Considerations for Agritourism Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF)
  2. Complying with NJ Executive Orders: Pick Your Own Operations (PDF)
  3. U-Pick Operation Guidelines under COVID-19 (PDF)
  4. COVID-19 and Wholesale Grower Questions (PDF)
  5. USDA Announces Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (from the USDA)
  6. Soil Fertility and Planting Decisions in Absence of a Current Soil Test Report - for Commercial Production Systems (PDF)
  7. Keeping Engaged While Keeping Safe – Resources To Keep You Busy While We #StayHome (from the Rutgers Equine Science Center)
  8. Agricultural Producers Eligible for Paycheck Protection Program (from Vegetable Growers News)
    1. Clarification on Demonstrating Business Activity (PDF from the Small Business Association)
  9. COVID-19 Equine Resources for New Jersey
  10. COVID-19 Information for Growers, Food Workers and the Agriculture Industry
  11. USDA Rural Development COVID-19 Response

Food Industry

  1. Distribution of School Meals During COVID-19 Quarantine: Suggested Best Practices for Food Service Personnel
  2. Interim Guidance for Manufacturing Workers and Employers (from CDC and OSHA)
  3. Maintaining COVID-19 Safety Practices: Guidance for Food Pantries
  4. COVID-19 Resources for the Food Industry
  5. Food Industry Resources (from the Institute for Food Safety at Cornell)

Farmers Markets

  1. Farms with Direct to Consumer Sales in the Northeast Region and COVID-19: Some Early Challenges and Responses (from the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development)
  2. Maintaining Social Distancing and Safe Food Handling Practices: Guidance for Farm Markets (PDF)

Food, Nutrition, Health, and Wellness

  1. Rutgers COVID-19 Health and Wellness Self-Assessment
  2. Advice for Paying Bills in a Pandemic (from the College of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia)
  3. How to Fight the Social Isolation of Coronavirus (from AARP)
  4. Safe Shopping Tips for Customers (from the New Jersey Food Council)
  5. Nutritious and Practical Food Choices in Challenging Times
  6. 7 Common Sense Tips for Optimizing Your Immune System (PDF)
  7. Feeding Sick Family Members
  8. Consider Grocery Delivery or Pickup During a Pandemic
  9. Maintaining Good Nutrition Is More Important Than Ever for Older Adults
  10. Healthy Eating in the Time of COVID-19
  11. Making Health and Nutrition a Priority During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic (from the American Society for Nutrition)
  12. HealthEASE: COVID-19 Resources (from the New Jersey State Nurses Association)

For general information, see our Food, Nutrition, Health, and Wellness resources.

Home, Lawn, and Garden

  1. New! People and Food Safety in the Community Garden During Ordinary and Extraordinary COVID-19 Times
  2. Starting a New Vegetable Garden in Absence of a Current Soil Fertility Test Report (PDF)

Personal Finance

  1. Financial Tips for Uncertain Times
  2. Twenty-Five Ways to Live on Less
  3. The Time Value of Money: How to Calculate the Cost of Future Financial Goals
  4. For general information, see our Personal Finance page.

Youth and Family

  1. 4-H from Home
  2. Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus (from National Public Radio)