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Rental of Greenhouse and Growth Chamber Space

The greenhouse space is rented to University Departments, which then allocate space to their faculty members. The rental fee for a 40' x 40' greenhouse zone is $2,941.00/year. The rental fees for the containment greenhouse zones are $992.00/year for the 20' x 20' zone and $670.00/year for the 10' x 20' zone.

Growth chambers are rented to any University member on a first-come-first-served basis. Current rental fees are $118.45/week for the 96 sq. ft. walk-in chambers and $22.96/week for the 15 sq. ft. reach-in chambers. The minimum rental period is one week with increments of 1day after that.


Payment can be made through our RIAS account (#1420) or with an internal P.O. Internal P.O. should be made out to: NJAES Research Greenhouse and mailed to the attention of: J. Florentine, 113 Martin Hall, 88 Lipman Drive, G. H. Cook Campus. Payment is due before moving into greenhouse/growth chamber and before the contract renewal date. Payments not received by 30 days after due date may result in the loss of rental.

Supplies Included With Rental

Potting media, perlite, vermiculite, washed sand, lime, fertilizers, labels, plant support stakes and rooting hormones are available to renters. Pesticides and Fungicides are available only to certified pesticide applicators.

Note: The above supplies are only for your plant material at the Research Greenhouse/Growth Chamber Complex, not for your plants at your laboratory, field plot or other locations. If you need supplies for use outside the facility, the greenhouse management can assist you with the purchase of the materials.

The fee for spraying a greenhouse room is $100 per application.