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Importing Equipment to the Facility

Equipment larger than a portable device, requiring alterations to the building, a steady (24 hour) supply of electric power or a steady supply of water must be approved by the Greenhouse Supervisor. Information on dimensions, utility needs, venting and drainage requirements, hazardous materials, safety and operating instructions will be helpful in determining the compatibility of the equipment with the greenhouse/growth chamber environment. This information must be given to the Supervisor before approval can be granted.

Large equipment that will remain in the facility for a long period must be approved by the Greenhouse Committee.

The researcher will be responsible for the maintenance and the removal of waste products generated by their equipment.

Care should be taken not to alter or damage existing equipment in the facility with the installation of your equipment. If brackets or holes need to be drilled in benches, walls or floor seek the recommendations of the greenhouse staff before making alterations. Structural damage may occur to benching or to the floor heating pipes inside the concrete floor. Drilling into walls can damage hidden wiring or plumbing.

Due to State Fire Code and the lack of storage space in the building, storage of unused equipment (including large quantities of pots or trays) is not allowed. The researcher must make plans for the removal of all unused equipment.