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ID Title Published
FS020 Weed Control Around the Home Grounds (4 pp.) 7/1/2003
FS025 Mole Management in Turf and Gardens (4 pp.) 2/9/2004
FS050 How to Hire a Lawn Care Company (3 pp.) 2/3/2005
FS072 Annual and Roughstalk Bluegrass Management for New Jersey Home Lawns (4 pp.) 2/1/2006
FS1008 An Integrated Approach to Insect Management in Turfgrass: Hairy Chinch Bug (3 pp.) 4/26/2010
FS102 Your Lawn and Its Care (4 pp.) 10/11/2023
FS104 Sodding: Steps to an Instant Lawn (2 pp.) 7/24/2000
FS108 Renovating Your Lawn (2 pp.) 6/1/1993
FS1219 Controlling Ground Ivy in Home Lawns (2 pp.) 11/18/2013
FS1237 Japanese Stiltgrass Control in the Home Lawn and Landscape (3 pp.) 10/11/2023
FS1308 Crabgrass Control in Lawns for Homeowners in the Northern US 8/10/2019
FS1313 Assessing and Addressing Soil Compaction in Your Yard 1/15/2020
FS426 Moss in Lawns (2 pp.) 7/1/2003
FS521 Zoysiagrass Lawns in New Jersey (4 pp.) 12/1/1993
FS555 Best Management Practices for Watering Lawns (4 pp.) 5/1/2001
FS584 Seeding Your Lawn (4 pp.) 2/27/2004
FS633 Fertilizing the Home Lawn (4 pp.) 1/19/2003
FS684 Turfgrass Seed Selection for Home Lawns (4 pp.) 5/1/1995
FS740 Thatch Management in Turf (4 pp.) 4/1/1994
FS814 Managing Diseases of Landscape Turf (4 pp.) 9/1/1995
FS829 How to Protect Water Quality and Have a Beautiful Lawn: Ten Steps to Proper Fertilization (2 pp.) 1/1/1996
FS839 How to Calculate the Amount of Fertilizer Needed for Your Lawn (4 pp.) 10/31/2003
FS921 Conserving Water on Home Lawns and Landscapes in New Jersey (4 pp.) 7/1/2004