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ID Title Published
E216 Income Distribution Comparison of Farms with Innovative Activities: A Probabilistic Approach (27 pp.) 1/27/1998
E331 Switchgrass Bioenergy Budgets (9 pp.) 1/7/2011
E337 Marketing 101 For Your Agritourism Business (6 pp.) 4/27/2011
FS1131 Is an Agritourism Venture Right For Your Farm? (3 pp.) 9/28/2010
FS1172 Developing a Mission Statement for Your Agricultural Business (5 pp.) 3/27/2012
FS1319 Getting Started with Online Farm Sales During Times of Social Distancing 5/6/2020
FS741 Protection for Agriculture Via Tariffs: Costs and Benefits (2 pp.) 11/1/1993
FS744 Preferential Trading Arrangements (2 pp.) 11/1/1993
FS800 Farmer-to-Consumer Direct-Marketing Operations: Issues and Analysis (2 pp.) 8/1/1995
FS896 Consumer Concerns About Pesticide Residues (2 pp.) 2/9/1998
FS897 Consumer Response Toward IPM-Grown Produce (2 pp.) 2/13/1998
FS898 Consumer Response to Low-Input Agriculture (2 pp.) 3/23/1998
FS899 Consumer Perceptions of Organic Produce (2 pp.) 3/23/1998
FS914 Characteristics and Needs of Direct Marketing Consumers in New Jersey (2 pp.) 6/22/1998
FS931 Cooperative Marketing Associations in New Jersey (2 pp.) 6/30/2003