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Farm Safety Fact Sheets & Bulletins

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ID Title Published
FS1265 Managing Liability on Agritourism Farms (4 pp.) 1/31/2017
FS583 Operating Mowers Safely (2 pp.) 3/21/2005
FS604 Handling Emergency Situations on the Farm (2 pp.) 2/1/1992
FS605 Accident-Proofing Farms and Stables (2 pp.) 7/1/2007
FS606 Safety Recommendations for the Stable, Barn Yard, and Horse/Livestock Structures (4 pp.) 8/1/2007
FS607 Horse Trailer Maintenance and Trailering Safety (4 pp.) 8/1/2007
FS608 Fire Prevention and Safety Measures Around the Farm (2 pp.) 5/1/2009
FS619 Farm Machinery and Equipment Safety Part I: Recognizing and Understanding the Hazards (4 pp.) 7/1/2007
FS620 Farm Machinery and Equipment Safety Part II: Preventing Machinery Accidents During Operation (4 pp.) 9/1/2007
FS661 Preventing Low Back Pain in Agriculture (2 pp.) 9/1/1992
FS674 Utilizando Cortadoras Mecanicas de una Forma Segura (Operating Mowers Safely) (2 pp.) 4/1/1993
FS677 Preventing Cold-Related Illnesses in Agricultural Workers (2 pp.) 2/1/1993
FS747 Preventing Heat Stress in Agriculture (4 pp.) 11/1/1993
FS937 Farm Safety Tips for Children (4 pp.) 3/26/1999