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Irrigation Management Fact Sheets & Bulletins

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ID Title Published
E278 Best Management Practices for Irrigating Golf Course Turf (12 pp.) 5/1/2002
E302 Irrigation Management Options for Containerized-Grown Nursery Crops (8 pp.) 7/14/2005
FS1005 Best Management Practices for Irrigating Landscape Plant Material (4 pp.) 3/29/2002
FS1292 Drip Irrigation Inspection Checklist for Agriculture 5/1/2018
FS1306 Irrigating Your Orchard – Water Monitoring with a Tensiometer 7/1/2019
FS516 Management of Iron in Irrigation Water (4 pp.) 12/1/2005
FS657 Irrigation Scheduling with Tensiometers (4 pp.) 3/1/1995
FS658 Irrigation Scheduling with the Feel Method (3 pp.) 12/1/1992
FS793 Using Irrigation Water Tests to Predict and Prevent Clogging of Drip Irrigation Systems (2 pp.) 6/1/1995
FS794 Preventive Maintenance for Irrigation Equipment (2 pp.) 6/1/1995
FS795 Treating Drip Irrigation Systems with Chlorine (4 pp.) 4/1/1997
FS796 Controlling Bacteria, Algae, and Weeds in Irrigation Ponds (2 pp.) 6/1/1995