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Varieties for New Jersey Home Vegetable Gardeners

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This factsheet is intended for all home gardeners in New Jersey. Some of these varieties are available only through seed company catalogs. For a listing of seed companies, see fact sheet FS1163, Mail Order Vegetable Seed Sources for the New Jersey Gardener, available from your local Rutgers Cooperative Extension office. In addition, visit or contact your county extension office for more specific information concerning these vegetables. Below is a list of varieties that have performed well in research trials in New Jersey. There may be many other varieties that perform well in your garden.
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Wesley Kline
Peter Nitzsche
Michelle Infante-Casella
William Sciarappa
William Hlubik
Mel Henninger
Raymond Samulis
Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension
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Varieties, Vegetable, Garden, tomato