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Rutgers River Friendly Business Program Morris County Program Overview

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The River Friendly Business Program (RFBP) of Morris County is a voluntary certification program to encourage businesses to adopt conservation and stormwater management practices aimed at reducing environmental impact on local waterways. The RFBP of Morris County is timely. A 2012 Fairleigh Dickinson University survey of 300 New Jersey businesses (Harmon et al. 2012) looking at external sustainability related factors, ranked water quality and availability just below energy and social stability. The same survey found that key factors for understanding a business’ adoption of sustainable practices were the vision of the company, sufficient guidance related to the actions necessary, and milestones or tracking measures for assessing progress (Harmon et al. 2012). The RFBP of Morris County provides solutions for two of these key factors by offering guidance and measures of success. Additionally, this survey found that “Trusted certification programs were seen as more important by companies employing higher levels of sustainability management” (Harmon et al. 2012). Rutgers Cooperative Extension provides that trusted certification process.
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Pat Rector
Christopher Obropta
Jessica Brown
Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension
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