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  1. Journal Series paper of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, Rutgers University, Department of Soils.
  2. Research Specialist and Associate Research Specialists in Soils, respectively.
  3. Figures in parenthesis refer to "Literature Cited."
  4. Funds for this project were made available through the courtesy of Readers' Digest.
  5. The samples were collected by Dr. Dana G. Coe, whose careful selection of them constituted a highly important part of this work.
  6. Spectrographic analyses were made by Dr. Harry S. Reed, to whom the authors are very much indebted.
  7. Spinach appears to be an exception when judged by the data in Table 3. The Na content of spinach was highest, however, in the east north-central states. The average Na content of spinach from those states was 0.86%, in comparison with only 0.06% Na in Colorado spinach.
  8. Southern Cooperative Series Bulletin 2, Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station, 1944, on the "effect of fertilizer and environment on the iron content of turnip greens," by M. Spiers, et al., is of interest in the connection.