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Two hundred and four samples of cabbage, lettuce, snapbeans, spinach and tomatoes were analyzed for their content of ash, Ca, Mg, K, Na, P, B, Mn, Fe, Mo, Cu, and Co.

These samples were chosen from Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, New York (Long Island), Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Colorado.

Wide variations were found in the mineral content of vegetables of the same variety.

Ash, Ca, and cation-equivalent values tended to increase and Mg values to decrease from south to north.

Ash, cation-equivalent, Ca, Mg, K, B, Fe, Mo, Cu, and Co values tended to increase from east to west.

Na and Mn values tended to decrease from east to west.

P values tended to be relatively constant, but wide individual variations were found in the same variety of vegetable.

The greatest variations in K, Na, B, and Fe values were found in spinach.

The greatest variations in Ca, Mg, and Cu values were found in tomatoes.

Snapbeans from Ohio westward were relatively very high in Mo.

Colorado vegetables, in comparison with those from the other states, were relatively high in Co, Mo, Fe, Ca, K, Mg, Cu, and B, in the order indicated; about average in P; and relatively low in Mn and Na.

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