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Wellness Wednesdays with FCHS

Wellness Wednesdays with FCHS.

Due to widespread power outages, our Aug. 5 webinar, "What's on the Nutrition Facts Label," has been postponed to Friday, Aug. 21 at 2 p.m.

Wellness Wednesday webinars with Family & Community Health Sciences will focus on a variety of topics related to food, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles.  This series will walk you through the easy steps that you can take to add positive health behaviors into your day.  From reducing the amount of food waste you produce in your home to understanding how to read the new nutrition facts label, now is the time to make some of those small changes that will improve your health in a large way.

Join us on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. to learn from experts in the Department of Family & Community Health Sciences, Rutgers Cooperative Extension.  All sessions are free, will last approximately 45 minutes, and be provided via Webex.  To join, you will need either a computer, tablet, or smartphone with speakers. 

You must register to participate.  See below for the title and descriptions of each webinar and click on the link below to register.

Upcoming Webinars

August 12: Added Sugars

In the past several years, sugar has become increasingly prevalent in the American diet. Come to this engaging workshop to learn about how your health may be affected by excess sugar, the differences between natural and added sugars, how and where to find sugars in the foods you eat (they tend to hide in sneaky places!), and how to figure out just how much sugar you are eating. Jennifer Shukaitis, MPH, FCHS educator, State Office

August 19: Eating Healthy On a Budget

The Quest for a healthy meal doesn’t have to be expensive. Learn ways to save while planning healthy meals for the entire family. Chris Zellers, MPP, FCHS educator, Cape May County

August 21: What's on the Nutrition Facts Label

There’s a new nutrition label out there! Let’s review the changes together and learn how to use it as a guide for shopping healthy and smart. Michelle Brill, MPH, FCHS educator, Mercer County

August 26: Quick & Easy Ways to Eat More Fruits & Vegetables  

Are you eating on the run, cooking less, and eating out more? Do you need ideas to make eating more fruits and vegetables quick, convenient, and easy? Let FCHS help you add more fruits and vegetables into your daily routine…quickly and easily. Luanne Hughes, MS, RDN, FCHS educator, Gloucester County

Webinar Archive

Webinars will be recorded through Webex and posted on this webpage as they become available.

May 13: Preventing Food Waste at Home

We throw out about 40% of the food we grow in the United States, most of that food waste happens at home, learn about ways to reduce food waste at home. Sara Elnakib, RD, MPH, CHES, FCHS educator, Passaic County

May 20: Eat Greens!

Spring greens–dandelion, spinach, swiss chard–are in the market. Greens are known for health benefits including eye health, cancer prevention and long life. Learn why greens are so good for you and how to quickly prepare them. Daryl Minch, M.Ed., FCHS educator, Somerset County

May 27: Strong Bones for a Lifetime

Whether you have osteoporosis, have broken a bone, or are just interested in keeping your bones healthy, this osteoporosis program will discuss risks, calcium intake, vitamin D, supplements, medication, physical activity and falls prevention. Kathleen Morgan, Dr. M.H., NDTR, interim department chair

External Resources

June 3: Sitting, the Silent Killer

“Sitting Is The New Smoking” – COVID Couch Potato? Learn how sitting is affecting your health and little things you can do to decrease your sitting time Alex DelCollo, MS, FCHS senior program coordinator, Salem County

June 10: Grilling with Care

Use of the backyard grill or barbecue to prepare meals on hot summer evenings and for holiday picnics is as American as apple pie. Learn simple yet important guidelines to follow before, during and after grilling to be sure that you and your family are grilling with care. Sherri Cirignano, MS, RDN, LDN, FCHS educator, Warren County


June 17: Pivoting the Picky Eater

Feeding a family isn’t always easy and picky eating can oftentimes feel as if it is getting in the way of your efforts to promote a positive experience at the dinner table. Learn how to set the table for success and support your children so that they grow into positive eaters and develop a healthy relationship with food. Sarah Curran, MHS, RD, FCHS program associate, Warren County


June 24: Benefits of Family Meals

From building vocabulary, to developing social skills, to adopting healthy eating habits, eating together as a family can foster many benefits for family members of all ages. Whether at the dining room table or on picnic blanket at the park, meals can serve as positive family time that becomes a building block for life-long healthy behaviors. Learn about the abundance of research that links family meals to positive behaviors across the life span. Jennifer Shukaitis, MPH, FCHS educator, State Office


July 1: Nine Staple Foods of the Mediterranean Eating Plan

Eating a Mediterranean diet may lower your risk of a heart attack, stroke, and death by up to 30 percent, according to a highly publicized study done in Spain and published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Help your heart and overall health by adding the following key foods which were staples of those following the Mediterranean eating plan. Karen Ensle, EdD, RDN, FAND, CFCS, FCHS educator, Union County


July 8: Make Time for Snack Time

Snacking can be an important part of your daily eating habits provided you are making good choices. Learn the benefits of snacking and how to work healthy snacks into your daily routine. Chris Zellers, MPP, FCHS educator, Cape May County


July 15: Mindful Family Meals

Does your family mealtime dissolve into a battle over food? Do you eat in response to stress or schedules rather than hunger and satisfaction? Do you want your family to have a healthier relationship with food? Mindfulness is a tool that can help! Learn some strategies to enjoy more mindful family meals. Sandra Grenci, MS, RDN, LDN, DCES, FCHS educator, Hunterdon County



July 22: Easy Changes, Make Healthy Eating a Habit

Easy Changes to your diet are possible by choosing nutritious foods from a variety of food categories. Learn which ones will make the biggest impact on your health. Karen Ensle, EdD, RDN, FAND, CFCS, FCHS Educator, Union County


July 29: Let’s Go Nuts

There is so much we can do with nuts. Together let us find out how we can incorporate nuts in our meal plans. Are they fattening? Is it the good fat or the bad fat? Join this webinar to find out about easy ways to go “nuts”. Shailja Mathur, M.S., M.Ed., RDN, FCHS educator, Middlesex County