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Personal Finance


Consumer to Consumer Video Series

Financial Education Lesson Plans

  1. Risks and Benefits of Entrepreneurship (104k PDF)
  2. Compound Interest: Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy (125k PDF)
  3. Know the Score: Credit Score Modeling and Impacts (380k PDF)
  4. The Impact of Inflation (135k PDF)
  5. Monetary Transaction Tools (587k PDF)
  6. Civic Financial Responsibility (114k PDF)
  7. Insuring and Protecting Property Insurance (126k PDF)
  8. Comparing Insurance How Health Insurance Works (989k PDF)
  9. Values, Goals, and Financial Decisions (267k PDF)
  10. Spending Plan/Budget: Your Financial Road Map (126k PDF)
  11. Interest: The Cost of Borrowing Money (144k PDF)
  12. Investing for Your Future (2.1MB PDF)
  13. Credit Counseling: Where, When, and Why (136k PDF)
  14. The Purpose and Importance of Wills (192k PDF)
  15. The Costs and Benefits of Renter's and Homeowner's Insurance (360k PDF)
  16. Income Tax Exemptions and Deductions (214k PDF)
  17. Saving and Investing Strategies and Influences (398k PDF)
  18. Credit Report Basics: Analyzing and Disputing Information (285k PDF)
  19. Investment Performance: Short-Term and Long-Term Returns (320k PDF)
  20. Identity Theft: Risks and Recovery (139k PDF)
  21. Philanthropy, Volunteerism, and Charity (215k PDF)
  22. Self Insurance: What Is It and When to Do It? (123k PDF)
  23. Taxable and Nontaxable Income (145k PDF)
  24. Financial Organizations in the Community 131k PDF)

Financial Education Training Program for Educators

Microsoft Excel Financial Templates

Money Talk: A Financial Guide For Women


Savings Challenges

  1. 15-Week Savings Challenge Generic (31k PDF)
  2. 15-Week Challenge Basic 15 Week America Saves Challenge (11k Excel File)
  3. 15-Week Challenge Hard Core 15 Week America Saves Challenge (11k Excel File)
  4. 52-Week Youth Money Challenge (30k PDF)
  5. The $2,500 Savings Challenge (86k PDF)
  6. 30-Day $100 Savings Challenge (106k PDF)