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Small Financial Steps in Increments of 25

September 2022

Barbara O’Neill, Ph.D., CFP®, AFC®
Distinguished Professor and Extension Financial Management Specialist Emeritus
Rutgers Cooperative Extension

When the Small Steps to Health and Wealthworkbook was initially written in 2004, we included a chapter (PDF) called Live the Power of 10. In this chapter, we described health and financial action steps that included the number 10 or multiples of ten. Examples include:

Eighteen years have gone by and, with inflation during this time, $16 in 2022 has the same buying power as $10 in 2004 according to the Bureau of Labor statistics CPI Inflation Calculator. I decided to round up to 25 and investigate small financial steps that people can take with the number 25 or multiples of 25.

Consider the following examples that include the number 25:

Here are seven other suggestions:

Like the number 10, "25" can be a powerful number when it is included in financial planning action steps. Every small step makes a difference. Live the power of 25!