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Pesticide Control for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

If large numbers are observed or have been observed in previous years, you may wish to contact your local pest control company who can do a perimeter pesticide spray. This must be done at the appropriate time (when the insects first appear) and control may be difficult to achieve. It is important to consider the effects of pesticides in your home before any pesticide applications occur. You may also purchase and apply insecticides yourself. Rutgers University has screened numerous insecticides against adult BMSB. The following is a table of insecticides that have shown to cause significant mortality in laboratory studies at Rutgers University and are available for use. Please follow label instructions, as well as proper safety and application procedures. The following active ingredients may be effective against BMSB:

Active Ingredient Exterior Use* Ornamental Trees/Shrubs Vegetables**
Acetamiprid N Y Y
ß-cyfluthrin Y Y N
Bifenthrin Y Y Selected
Cyfluthrin Y Y Selected
Deltamethrin Y Y N
Dinotefuran N Y Selected
Fenpropathrin N N N
A-cyhalothrin Y Y Selected

*Exterior use would include siding, brick and foundation
** Read label for specific vegetables this product is used for

Please note that these active ingredients have only been tested in the laboratory; formulated products have not been evaluated and may not be effective.