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How to Hire a Household Pest Control Professional

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Occasionally, insects or other pests may invade homes. Some may simply be nuisances that do not harm the home, its contents, or the inhabitants. Others may infest food products or damage fabrics. Some can damage the home’s structure and others may pose a health risk to people and/or their pets. The first step in dealing with any household pest is to have it identified. County-based Rutgers Cooperative Extension (RCE) personnel and/or trained RCE Master Gardener volunteers can provide information. To locate your county Extension office, check the blue pages of your phone book for listings under Rutgers Cooperative Extension or County Government, or visit the RCE website Samples can also be submitted with the appropriate payment to the Rutgers Plant Diagnostics Lab (see Rutgers Cooperative Extension Resources on page two). Trained pest control professionals should also be able to identify the pest and provide control information about the pest.
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