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Publications from Rutgers NJAES

Pub. No. Title
FS627 Leaf Analysis for Fruit Trees
FS902 Liming New Jersey Soils for Fruit Crops
E002 New Jersey Commercial Tree Fruit Production Guide
FS685 Nurseries and Nursery Dealers with Fruit Trees for New Jersey
FS187 Orchard Floor Management Systems
  Plant & Pest Advisory, Fruit Edition
FS1083 Plum Varieties for New Jersey
TFS06 Postharvest Peach Skin Discoloration and Its Control
EB259B Pruning Peach Trees in New Jersey
FS186 Selection and Use of Nitrogen Fertilizers for Fruit Trees
IS006 Tree Fruit Integrated Pest Management Program, 2002
FS319 Turfgrass for Orchard and Nursery Floor Management
FS1073 White-Fleshed Peach Varieties for New Jersey
FS1072 Yellow-Fleshed Peach Varieties for New Jersey