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Health Finance Links and Resources

Below is a list of helpful online links and resources on health finance topics provided by government and non-profit organizations:

Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals (ACAP)
Provides information about how to hire a claims assistance professional to process medical paperwork.

Benefits CheckUp (A service of the National Council on Aging)
Lists discount or pharmacy assistance programs run by more than 30 states. Click on “BenefitsCheckUpRx” to complete an online questionnaire.

Internal Revenue Service Web Site
Provides information about tax-deductible medical and dental expenses. Click on “Find Forms and Instructions” and insert “Publication 502” in the text box to save and print this publication.

Medicare Web Site
Provides information about Medicare-related topics such as drug discount cards, Medicare eligibility and enrollment procedures, downloadable Medicare publications, and a “Find a Doctor” feature to locate a participating physician.

Patient Advocate Foundation
Provides information about financial issues associated with a health care crisis such as insurance claims, job discrimination, and debt problems.