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All About Stress Lunch and Learn Session
At times, stress can become unmanageable draining you of time and energy. Finding simple ways to bring your daily work or life stress into balance can make a difference in your day, week, and life!

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All About Stress

All About Stress video

Healthy Herbs Lunch and Learn Session
Herbs are a healthy flavorful addition to any meal. They can be used in so many different ways and have nutritional benefits as well!

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Healthy Herbs

Healthy Herbs

Color Your Plate Lunch and Learn Session
Fruits and vegetables provide important nourishment for your body. The more colorful your diet is, the more essential vitamins and nutrition you will get!

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Color Your Plate

Color Your Plate

Food and Mood Lunch and Learn Session
The food you eat can have an impact on your brain health and mood. A diet rich in colorful fruits & vegetables can elevate your mood and make for a great day. On the other hand, a diet filled with saturated animal fats can increase stress, anxiety and lead to depression. A few simple changes in your diet can make the difference by serving as mood-boosters.

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Food and Mood Lunch

Food and Mood Lunch Video

Family Meals Make It Happen Lunch and Learn Session
It is a bit harder right now to enjoy the company of all our family and friends. However, it is still important to have family meals to promote togetherness, strengthen ties and build relationships!

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Family Meals Make it Happen

Family Meals Make it Happen Video

Importance of Physical Activity Lunch and Learn
Session Taking small steps to increase physical activity and getting your heart pumping will help maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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Importance of Physical Activity

Importance of Physical Activity Video

Be Heart Healthy Lunch and Learn Session
Prevention of heart disease can make all the difference between a healthy lifestyle and poor health. Having a more nutritious diet and being more active can lower your risk by as much as 80%.

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Be Heart Healthy

Be Heart Healthy Video

It's a Family Affair Lunch and Learn Session
It is a bit harder right now to enjoy the company of all our family and friends. However, it is still important to have family meals to promote healthy diets, strengthen ties and build relationships!

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It's a Family Affair

It's a Family Affair Video

Control That Serving Size Lunch and Learn Session
To maintain a healthy lifestyle we need to be aware of our food choices and portion control. You can start today being mindful of your portions, and create a plan for better health!

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Control That Serving Size

Control That Serving Size Video

DASH Eating PLan Lunch and Learn Session
The DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) highlights an overall healthy diet with the right portion sizes. The focus is on eating a variety of foods with nutrients to help improve your health and lower your blood pressure.

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DASH Eating Plan

DASH Eating Plan Video

Eat Well Spend Less Lunch and Learn Session
Understanding how to eat a balanced diet on a balanced budget to help live a well-balanced life. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be costly!

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Eat Well Spend Less

Eat Well Spend Less Video

Family Meals Simple Tips Lunch and Learn Session
Studies show that time spent with family and friends is valuable to everyone's health. We all need social interaction to maintain good physical & brain health, albeit while maintaining social distance right now. Make it a point to brighten someone's day and your day will be brightened too!

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Family Meals, Simple Tips

Family Meals, Simple Tips Video