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Reflections on 4-H Youth Development From:

Rollyn P. Winters

As he reflected on his dynamic career, Rollyn “Rolly” Winters said his greatest joy was watching volunteers use their talents and abilities to help youth learn valuable skills to be successful. He truly believed that not limiting a person’s capacity to learn, grow and develop is the very basic concept upon which the 4‑H program was founded. 

Biography: “My staff always saw more in me than I saw in myself” says Rollyn Winters, a man who exemplifies growth through the 4‑H program, as a 4‑H member, leader and staff member. As the New Jersey State 4‑H Leader from 1947-1974, he brought the 4‑H program from under 7,000 rural youth to over 300,000 youth from diverse communities. His unique abilities to motivate people empowered volunteers and professional staff to develop creative, high quality youth programs. Winters established a visionary 4‑H advisory group system that continues to provide an active and effective organizational structure. As a pioneer in youth development, Winters supported a venue for expanding the 4‑H program into urban areas, which became the catalyst for the evolution of 4‑H in New Jersey.