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Voices of Rutgers Cooperative Extension History

Morris S. Fabian, Ed. D.

Department: Agricultural Economics & Marketing
Year Retired: 1994
If a specialist, what area? Agricultural Economics and Marketing  
Current Residence: Pennington, NJ

Briefly describe your work in Cooperative Extension
To develop and implement educational programs and information to assist producers and their marketing firms improve techniques of marketing and develop more effective marketing operations.

How did your work impact the lives of the clientele you worked with?
By providing programs and information to assist in increasing effectiveness and net returns in marketing operations. By improving understandings of the principles of cooperatives and other business structures among various adult and youth clientele.

What are you most proud of during your Extension career?
The appreciative responses from those with whom I worked developing programs and information delivered as evidenced by numerous recognitions from various groups and entities including but not limited to NJ Council of Farmer Cooperatives, Farm Credit Fellows Program, Atlantic County Board of Agriculture, NJ & National Direct Marketing Associations, Vegetable Growers' Association of NJ, and New Jersey State Board of Agriculture.

What were a few of your most memorable experiences in Cooperative Extension?
From 1966, led the development and execution of a very successful series of NJ Roadside Market Conferences which, in 1983 evolved into Mid-Atlantic Direct Marketing Conference (MADMC) which continued for over 25 years. Served as Coordinating Chair in 1991 when Rutgers Cooperative Extension and others sponsored MADMC and 6th National Farmers’ Direct Marketing Conference with over 900 participants from 32 states and Canada for six days. Involvement with establishing in 1984 NJ Farmers' Direct Marketing Association which continues to operate. Conducting research to address clientele needs. Participating in annual RCE Conferences. Working with many fine Rutgers and other associates and eager and welcoming clientele with whom I was privileged to be involved.