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Reflections on 4-H Youth Development From:

Kenneth E. Pickett

"The feelings of adequacy, security, and belongingness are essential life experiences provided to young people involved in the 4‑H Youth Development Program.” 

Biography: Ken Pickett joined 4‑H in Rhode Island at age 10 in 1929.  Ken was a National 4‑H Club Congress Award winner in the electricity project and he credits his 4‑H electricity project work for making it possible to completely install the wiring and electric heating system in his home. As the Cumberland County 4‑H Agent, he built the Cumberland 4‑H program to one of the largest in the state. His unique ability to motivate people empowered volunteers and staff to develop creative, high quality youth programs. Pickett started a daily radio broadcast in 1945, which was one of the longest continuous daily 4‑H radio programs in the nation. He saw the need for teen leadership opportunities and laid the groundwork that established a conference for teen 4‑H members that grew into a 10 county regional event called South Jersey Council (Teen) Conference. After over 50 years, this conference continues to focus on citizenship, leadership and personal development and reaches over 150 youth annually.