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Voices of Rutgers Cooperative Extension History

Charles M. Holmes

Department: Agricultural Resource Management Agents
Year Retired: 1991
If a county agent, what county? Cape May 1960-1962, Mercer 1963-1991
Current Residence: Seaside Park, NJ

Briefly describe your work in Cooperative Extension
Worked with fruit and vegetable growers, nursery growers, turf growers, golf courses, agricultural organizations, county government groups, and garden centers
Assisted residents in solving insect, disease and growing problems in their homes and grounds.
Weekly gardening column in the local paper
Taped radio program-home gardening

How did your work impact the lives of the clientele you worked with?
My help and that of the specialists from the college enabled growers and others in solving problems in their business or home.

What are you most proud of during your extension career?
Seeing the positive effects Cooperative Extension had on the businesses and lives of the people in the county. The honors that I received as a result of my extension work.

Honors and Awards