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Samples of Evaluation in Action

Understanding Community Impacts: A Tool for Evaluating Economic Impacts from Local Bio-Fuels Production
This Journal of Extension article by T. Randall Fortenbery and Steven Deller, University of Wisconsin-Madison, presents research conducted to first develop a set of community multipliers associated with various bio-fuel plant configurations, and then to develop an easy-to-use tool that allows local communities to measure potential benefits based on varying levels of plant activity. 2008.

The Oregon Master Woodland Manager Program: Comparison of 1991 and 1998 Questionnaire Results
This Journal of Extension article by Steve Bowers, Oregon State University Extension Service, presents comparisons of a 1991 and 1998 questionnaires that were performed to determine whether Oregon's Master Woodland Manager (MWM) training program continued to adequately assist participating woodland owners in meeting the demands placed on them in the management of their woodland property and in successfully performing volunteer service. 2000.

MONEY 2000™ Feedback from and Impact on Participants
This Journal of Extension article by Barbara O'Neill, Rutgers Cooperative Extension, et al., reports results of the first comprehensive study of MONEY 2000™ participants. The study obtained feedback and impact data from MONEY 2000™ program participants in New Jersey and New York. 2000.

Evaluating Multiple Prevention Programs: Methods, Results, and Lessons Learned (PDF)
This Journal of Extension article by Francesca Adler-Baeder, et al., Auburn University, presents information about measuring outcomes and combining results across similar program types. 2010.

Impact Analysis of Farm Finance Workshops
This Journal of Extension article by Gregory Hanson, et al., Penn State University, reports on the assessment of a farm finance workshops. 1998.

Factors Affecting Program Evaluation Behaviours of Natural Resource Extension Practitioners--Motivation and Capacity Building
This Journal of Extension article by Shawn Morford, et al., presents a study that assessed attitude towards evaluation, perceived organizational commitment to evaluation, practitioner characteristics, and levels of program evaluation conducted among natural resource Extension practitioners in the U.S. 2006.

Evaluating Extension Program Effectiveness: Food Safety Education in Texas
This Journal of Extension article by Peggy Gentry-Can Laanen, Texas A&M University and Joyce I. Nies, Bryan, Texas, describes how program outcomes can be assessed and used to determine Extension program effectiveness, using on evaluative study as an example. The purpose of the study was to determine the extent to which program participants changed their food handling or food preservation behaviors after attending Extension programs. 1995.

Challenges in the Evaluation and Implementation of School-Based Prevention and Intervention Programs on Sensitive Topics
This American Journal of Evaluation article by Lisa H. Jaycox, et al., describes the challenges of launching a successful school program and evaluation, with lessons learned from three projects that focus on intimate partner violence. The authors discuss issues related to constraints on the research design in schools, the recruitment of schools and participants within schools, program and evaluation implementation issues, the iterative implementation-evaluation cycle, and the dissemination of programs and study findings. 2006.