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Preparing Evaluation Reports

Final presentation of your results must effectively convey the findings and importance of the work and the outcomes. How to prepare and what to include in reports for administrators, clientele, investors or professional peers differ. The following resources provide information on preparing evaluation reports and writing impact statements.

An Evaluation Report
This fact sheet by Nancy Ellen Kiernan, Penn State University, presents concepts to consider for an evaluation report, depending on the stakeholder, presented as a checklist. Great check list to help evaluate what you have to report, what you may have missed. 2009.

Writing Program Success Stories
This webpage by John G. Richardson and Marilyn A. Corbin, University of North Carolina, offers examples of how to write about the positive impact that occurred as a result of Extension educational program efforts. Overview of concept with practical examples.

The Fast and Easy Way to Write Effective Success Stories (PDF)
This fact sheet by James M. Nehiley, Peggy D. Dessaint and Glenn D. Israel, University of Florida, is a guide to writing effective success stories; good examples included. Practical, useful guide to gathering the information needed to write effective reports 2001.

Writing Effective Impact Statements: Who Cares? So What?
This website by Virginia Tech Office of Communications and Marketing, on how to write impact statements and what to include.

Communicate and Improve
This on-line training guide by The Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education, the Institute for Higher Education Policy, and Pathways to College Network, includes this section that provides suggestions for developing, implementing, and evaluating a plan for communicating your overall evaluation results. Part of a on-line training series titled "Evaluation Toolkit"; see Training Materials section for details.

Writing Extension Impact Statements
This website by Richard L. Poling, University of Tennessee, discusses some of the key considerations necessary when considering the content and the organization of the impact statement. Examples across a range of extension program focus areas are provided to illustrate the concepts covered.

Tips for Impact Writing
This website by Suzanne Steel, The Ohio State University, includes a tip sheet for writing effective impact statements. Succinct and useful tips and tricks are provided. 2013.